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  1. Hello Everyone!

    This is a very important and I am sure long awaited thread. Vlad, myself, and the rest of the Mods have been talking about many of these issues recently and want to tell everyone what has been going on. Vlad is back from his trip and now it is time to make some changes and inform you all of some new things.

    First of all, we keep seeing and hearing that many people think the mods and admins have been overpowering in our moderating lately. Much of this arose with our recent need to ban some members because of their attitude, rudeness, and the way they treated other members. We state in our rules that you must respect other members. This we will hold to. We had some members who decided to treat other members poorly from our standpoint. The fact that some of these members came from another board was not the issue at hand. At the time we did feel like we had a group of people trying to "bully" some of our members, but we would like leave all responsibility of each member to him/herself and not to the group as a whole. For this, we will apologize to BBB because we did label them. But we still are happy with the decision we made about who to ban for those incidents. We had many members feeling they were being treated poorly and talked to very rudely. We will not stand for that. I will say it again, which I hope sets in, you may ALWAYS have a different opinion than someone else (and even be very strong about that opinion) but we will not allow you to talk to that person rudely and condescendingly, ever. With so many people coming from so many different backgrounds on this board, we expect many different opinions. But always be aware of the way you portray them. We had talked to the members that were banned before we banned them, and they did not seem to want to change. It is in our forum rules (which we will also be revising soon) so we did end up having to ban people that did not want to comply.

    Secondly, we want to address the Marketplace. Vlad and I decided on having a marketplace because we know how much people wanted one and also hoped it could help so many people out. At the same time, we made sure to say we are not responsible for what happens there. There have been some issues arising and if we need to we will take down the marketplace. We would all love if people were always truthful, but the world is not this way. And that is sad. We have some members who have had some issues and for that we do apologize. Vlad and I will be going into the marketplace this week to make changes. We will add a feedback function and integrate some other changes. If you do have an issue with a seller or buyer you can always report it to the mods and we will keep a list of people who have not followed through with their end. We may decide to do something like a 3 strike rule, but we will decide that later. Once we do update everything in the marketplace, we will make a sticky there to let you all know. Everyone must adhere to the rules or you will be banned. We don't want to have to take away the marketplace, but if it will turn into a big issue, we will be forced to.

    Thirdly, we want to speak about rules in general. I mentioned it some in the first paragraph but again I want to touch on it. We see that there have been some threads about vulgar language and about why people were banned etc etc. We are planning on re-writing the rules and making them more specific. Our new way of handling many things is with a 3 strike rule. The rules are not that hard to follow; we just want to make sure they are clear for everyone to see so they understand why things happen the way they do.

    Lastly, we need to discuss a major issue at hand that everyone is aware of and has been wondering about all week. This week we did have a massive forum invasion. As far as we know, dozens of members from a different board came here to target one member, Noriko. They came here because they had a very big problem with the way she handled a different member from their board a while ago. With their infiltration, our board was going crazy. Vlad, who is the tech man behind this board, was gone on vacation at the time. Imagine having at least 50 new sign ups of people who have solely come to take over your board with profanity, crass posts, vulgar language, etc. Myself and the other Mods woke up to this plethora of awful posts, threads, etc etc. This is not the way we want our board to run. We had to spend countless hours cleaning up hundreds of offensive posts. With the clean up we did end up soft deleting some threads (which we will put up again later) to keep the trolls out. A mod and an admin should have to take care of the board, but this situation was beyond just a little bit of clean up. We were going crazy trying to fix it- and because of that we had to shut down registration for a while.

    The reason Noriko was banned does need to be explained to everyone so that people can stop trying to ask everyone else what happened. While it was not Noriko's direct fault that they came here because she did not ask them to, the board did suffer at the time because she was the target. Noriko is not permanently banned, and I did state that in her reasoning for banning to her. I did chose to ban her for a week's time to figure out what went wrong, clean everything up, and make a decision from there. Noriko has been at this board for a long time and we have loved having her as a member, that was never in question, but we could not let the whole board fall apart for one member. At the time, we did what we thought was best for the board. We are well aware of the fact that many of you may not agree with how we handled it and still do not. The way we did handle it we thought was in the best interest of the rest of the board. We did not ever do anything to hurt anyone and because of this I do not think we did anything wrong. We will talk to Noriko about the situation and go from there. We do have yet to hear from her for an apology or any other explanation, so what I am telling you is all that I know. I am aware of why the other board said they came here and it was to directly target Noriko for something they did not agree with rather than target our board in general. Still, it upset our board greatly. We know that sometimes our pasts will come back up, and we are not blaming someone for that. But at the same time, if someone's personally life affects our board that greatly, we will have to react. She was not banned because this happened and we are pointing a finger at her. She was banned because our board was being infiltrated because of her. It was not an easy decision to make but please understand that we did in fact do this in the best interest of our board.

    Please use this thread to ask any questions regarding either of the mentioned issues and will we try to address them. Thanks for your support.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write that and explain everything Megs. You and Vlad are the best.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, Megs! This board is fun, and I greatly appreciate the work everyone puts into it.
  4. Thank you for the explanation and continuing good work!
  5. Megs,

    Thanks to you, Vlad, and the mods. This isn't an easy job and I am sure all of you will continue to do what best for the forum!
  6. It has to be completely and utterly clear that I fully support Megs on how she handled business around here this week during my time off. We had discussed the issues a lot and came to the same conclusions on how to handle it.

    While we are not here to judge Noriko's personal life (it is none of our business how she acts towards her friends), it does become our issue when a mob of disgruntled members from another forum terrorize this place because of her actions, keeping our mods and Megs busy for hours, trying to keep the damage done to a minimum. My only vacation this year was disrupted by these events, I was rippping my hair out over not having been able to assist the ladies during that time. Matter of fact remains that Noriko did indeed piss off a lot of people some time in the past, enough for them to hunt her down this week and then wreck havok on our forum. Noriko was not banned as a reaction on the terms posed by the other forum members, it was a decision for us to apply damage control and keep things from escalating. It has to be perfectly clear that we will do whatever we can to keep the majority of our members safe and comfortable, and we will not tolerate single member's personal businesses when they start to interfere with the Purse Forum. Along the same lines, we will not tolerate condescending, rude comments from members aimed towards others, it just simply won't fly. I will do my best tomorrow to revise the rules, as recent events force me to set some things straight.

    Noriko is still on a time out, I will get in contact with her over this and see what we can work out. As Megs said, we have yet to see any sort of reaction from her on what happened, all that happened this week were confused PMs and emails. I hope this thread will help shed some light into the darkness.
  7. To all that were wondering, registrations have been re-enabled. I know a lot of you PMed me about friends wanting to join. Sorry for the delay, I wanted to be back behind my workstation to monitor registrations after the influx of trolls a few days ago.
  8. Thanks mods for keeping this forum organized and a pleasure to visit. :smile:

    I do have a suggestion, though.
    Maybe Noriko doesn't have to be officially banned? I'm sure if you just asked her not to visit for the week until the people from the other forum lose interest, she would gladly do so.
  9. Thank you Megs, Vlad and the Mods for handling the situation so swiftly and decisively. I am a newbie, but I have been the member of other online communities that were ruined by trolls.

    Also, I think sometimes the open nature of the Internet allows us to forget that THIS forum is paid for/owned/run by Megs and Vlad, and not to put too fine a point on it...y'all can do whatever the heck you want!

    I have been utterly perplexed by the drama, it was completely gone by the time I logged on to ogle bags some more. Thank you for keeping this place a haven for shallow obsessing. :smile:
  10. Thanks to Megs, Vlad and the mods for everything that they do. I didn't notice a thing! :shame: :shame:

    Thanks, also for the explanation of the recent events and, most of all, for creating such a great online community. I can't imagine the amount of work that Megs & Vald must put into this place and I, for one, truly do appreciate it!
  11. thank you both (and all the mods too) so much for all the work you do and for even offering this site in the first place. over the last month this place has hands down become my favorite internet site. thanks for making (and keeping!) it a fun place for everyone. :smile:
  12. All of these trolls came from another blog to attack Noriko?
  13. Thanks for keeping us updated on what happened. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys do. I love this place.
  14. I was really confused about what happened.

    I'm a newbie, but you guys are doing a great job! and I have to say thanks! ^^
  15. I had no idea any of this was going on. You guys sure had your hands full! Thank you so much for all your hard work to keep this board as wonderful as it is.
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