Statement from CHANEL, Inc.

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  1. I work in fashion and get the WWD - Women's Wear Daily - Newspaper everyday. In today's issue, taking up the whole back page, Chanel released a statement as follows in the attachment. I guess people have been misusing the Chanel name....
  2. Wow, that's good to know they mean business!
  3. They for got to add "CHANEL reserves the right to jack up the prices of handbags every month!" :smile:
  4. I've seen that before. Every few years (annually?) they send out reminders about using the "Chanel" name.

    Nevertheless, I haven't subscribed to WWD in years and I really appreciate you showing us this. I miss reading that paper and getting all the little insider tidbits. Thank you! :yes:
  5. I've never heard of calling a jacket "chanel jacket" just because it looked like one, nor a bag. And I never heard the word "chanelized" either.:push:
  6. Yup.
  7. i hear it every now and then and definitely see it alot in WWD. I guess they're using Chanel as a reference. I used to work at Chanel, Inc as an intern last year and they never allowed us to even use our corporate email for personal use. Here at Christian Dior, they let us do anything. hehe. But then again, that's why Chanel is so exclusive.
  8. Good on them! I applaud!:tup:
  9. I never heard this either, I never hear of any of those terms they used. Why did they even bother to put that in the magazine?
  10. wow.I find that weird..LOL!

    I want to take an ad out and say WHY ARE YOUR PRICES STILL GOIN UP???LMAO!
  11. "chanelized" - HAHAHAH. using that word... can't even be a compliment.
  12. I see these terms use on eBay so far!
  13. What would "chanelized" even mean?
  14. someone or something that acts/looks/feels/behave Chanel or chanel items.Used in Passive means influenced by Chanel!lol!
    For ref.English verbs ending in"ize" or "ise" derive from the Greek ending "izo"...the proff. speaking in me!hehe!
  15. Of, or applying a Chanel style to an item.

    Oh noes, am I going to be hearing from their lawyers?! Hah!