Stated buyer must pay within 24hrs, sent invoive, 4d later no payment. What to do?

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  1. I sold an item that ended Friday. Saturday morning I sent the buyer an invoice.. Yesterday I sent her an email reminding her that I had stated clearly in the auction that payment was expected within 24 hrs. I can't file a non-paying-bidder complaint on eBay until the 22nd (3 more days). Do I just wait? Relist now anyway? Help please!

    Thank you!

  2. eBay rules give buyers 7 days to pay. If she doesn't pay, just follow through the NPB claim.
  3. I have to admit that is something I don't understand.
    If the seller states must be paid before ____ then shouldn't the buyer have to abide by that rule and eBay should back them up.
  4. No. Ebay sets the rules for EVERYONE to follow. If Ebay allowed each person to set their own rules there would be complete chaos.
  5. Well then I guess I just have to wait. Nothing I can do, so there's no point in getting upset....... so annoying tho...
  6. It is a pain. EBay should freeze the buyer's funds when they pull crap like this. I posted a few times here I have one who made 2 offers which were auto-declined. Her 3rd offer was over my base and I accepted.

    She replies "Oh I found it cheaper"... Nothing in her ebay history...

    And I am stuck waiting because I don't want to do a mutual...
  7. Yeah, people don't seem to understand the "contract" part of eBay. The anonymity of the internet lets them pull such cr@p and feel OK about it.
  8. try emailing the buyer...?

  9. You are right. The buyer DOES have to abide by the payment terms of the seller. It is not true that eBay allows buyers 7 days to pay. Ebay MAKES THE SELLER WAIT 7 days to file a NPB dispute in an attempt to recover their fees. Two totally different things. Of course, in the meantime, the buyer might send thru the payment. The seller doesn't have to accept it, though.

    If the OP says in her auction that payment is due within 24 hours that those are the terms of the contract and the buyer has to abide by them. If the buyer does not pay, the seller has the right to offer the item to the back-up bidder OR wait 7 days to file a NPB dispute (which then takes another 8 days to complete) and then relist the item without having to pay the listing fees again.
  10. is paypal your only form of receiving payment? they could send u a payment in the mail. it would take longer thn 24 hours for you tu get it. i thnk this why ebay allow 7 days before filing npb.
  11. I had a person with 0 feedback win an auction about a month ago. Sent her numerous invoices with no response, filed npb after a week, had to wait another week to get my fees for the listing and the day I was going to relist she paid. She then began harrassing me because she wanted the bag delivered immediately when my ad states parcel post. She then emailed me saying she was going out of town and wouldn'tt be home when the bag would be delivered. Total pain in my butt. I told her if it was so important than she should not have waited 2 weeks to pay me, people are ridiculos!
  12. The fact remains regardless of what your terms state eBay's rules are in place so it's a level playing field and you have to pay within 7 days then a NPB can be filed
  13. Yes, a NPB can be filed by the seller after 7 days of non-payment of an item. That's the policy regarding the seller. But eBay has NO policy regading how long buyer's have to pay for their items. Those are two completely different issues.

    When somone bids on your auction, they are bidding according to your terms of sale as the seller of the item - no matter what the payment terms are. It's the seller's item and the seller's terms of sale. When someone bids on your item, they are agreeing to your TOS as the seller, including the payment terms regardless of whether it's 24 hours or 10 days.
  14. i would file NPB as soon as i can.:tup:
  15. I usually quickly do a second chance offer if Idon't hear from the person for about two or three days and then send them a nice message.