State tax on interenet orders - question

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  1. Hi,

    A salesperson at Ross Simon told me that if I place an internet order there will be state tax if that site has a store in the state the product will be delivered to.

    Is that true? :confused1:
  2. that's always how i understood it. when i ordered from bloomie's when i lived in georgia, i got charged tax. but now, in texas, i don't get charged because there isn't a store in the state.
  3. yes i think that's how it goes... I don't live in the US but I heard there was talk of the government imposing tax now on purchases to certain (all?) states regardless of where the webstore is located.... not sure if that is true though....

  4. That's correct!
  5. I noticed that QVC and HSN charge sales tax. I wonder whose getting that tax money. I would certainly hope the person's home state. It would be pretty bad if Florida or wherever they are located gets all that tax revenue.
  6. You know what...I hadn't thought about that. I hadn't ordered from HSN until I placed the order for the Elle magazine subscription several days ago. I did think it strange that they would charge tax on a magazine subscription. That I can recall, that's the only company from whom I have ordered that has charged tax...that is, of those who don't have a store/outlet in my state.
  7. It's all about whether a store has a presence in the state at all. So with HSN or QVC, even if they have a warehouse or something in your state you will likely be charged sales tax. Maybe that is why they do it?
  8. Louisiana now requires sales tax to be paid on any and all internet purchases made. We are supposed to report the purchases on our state income tax forms. I hate that part. :tdown:
  9. I live in NC and my sister in GA. That I am aware of, HSN does not have a warehouse in either state, but she said that she too was charged tax. I don't care so much that they charged me tax, but I'm curious as to what the guidelines are.
  10. Thanks everyone.

    I wonder if tax free weekends work over the net. Hmmm!
  11. Also, I'm embarrassed about the extra "e" I put in the word internet in the title.

  12. OMG!! You shouldn't be embarrassed lanasyogamama. I can't tell you how many times I'm misspelled words when posting a sale. Sometimes I catch the mistake and go back and correct it if I'm not in a hurry. I'd be willing to bet that most of us are guilty of misspellings! LOL! The older I get, the more mistakes I make.
  13. lana..yes...if there is a physical business for the company in your state, then tax is added.
  14. I'm not positive on this, but it's as best as I can remember. If there's a physical presence in the state, they are required to collect tax. It's otherwise optional for the business to collect the tax.
  15. You're really supposed to do this in all (or at least most) states...but most states don't enforce it and most people don't do it.