State Scarves

  1. The Texas scarf is a special case because the artist who designed it -- Kermit Oliver -- is from TEXAS. It was designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Tx independence.

    I dont know of any other state scarves altho there are a few that Oliver did with a North America motif.
  2. Thanks Seton :flowers:
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  4. I think it is fair to say that ALL Oliver scarves are No American themed

    The Arms of the USA also has states
  5. Also the Texas turkey scarf was 1992 which is a little tardy for a 150th anniversary scarf since the battle of San Jacinto (any Texan knows the date of the final battle) was 1836 & the 150th anniversary would 1986
  6. The Texas scarf was first introduced in 1987
  7. you're right the turkey first appeared in the 1987 spring booklet