State sales tax when phone order from another state?

  1. Okay - I recently was able to locate and purchase a framboise valet through the 866 number.
    They patched me through to a SA in one of the So. Cal boutiques and she took my order over the phone. The order was sent to a Calif. address, so of course state tax was added ($22)

    They sent the shipment promptly and beautifully boxed.

    I am so thrilled to have the item, but I was wondering - If the purchase had been from the LV store in another state, would I still pay sales tax.

    Next time I do that, should I ask the 866 attendant to locate the item for me outside of California?
  2. Probably would have to pay sales tax except ELuxury doesn't charge sales tax. Their selection is probably not as large as a boutique but maybe they have what you want anyhow. There is also a listing somewhere on this forum that lists other online places that sell LV. Beware...there are many LV fakes out there that are really good. If I were you, save your money and buy from a LV boutique or ELuxury. JMHO
  3. ^^^^ One just has to know what to look for when looking for LV online. If anyone has any authenticity questions, they are more than welcome to ask in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section. ;)

    When I purchased my Panda Cles from the LV Saks in Tampa, I was charged the FL sales tax.
  4. I believe it's the shipping address that matters. I think you won't be charged sales tax only if there's no LV store available in your state, but I could be mistaken... at least that's how it is in my state.

    eLux doesn't charge sales tax because you don't see a physical eLux location outside TN and CA.
  5. ^^^

    That is exactly right. You would be required to pay sales tax no matter which LV store you ordered it from as long as LV has a physical presence in your state. Any entity that has a physical presence in a state has "nexus" in the state for sales/use tax purposes and is required to collect tax when shipping items to addresses within the state.