State Quarters

  1. does anyone collect them? Do you think they would ever be worth more than a quarter?
  2. MY daughter collects them all..we have the Giant map to put all the quarters in...She has been collecting them for years...and shes only 10!I think they may be worth something..but not for a LONG LONG TIME!
  3. yeah, I collect them too... but their worth? hmm.. maybe in 50 yrs.. hehe
  4. I collect them. I stopped when I started working but I still have my State Quarters book and will put in a new one when I get it.
  5. I don't, but I remember when I worked at Starbucks some of my customers did.

    Our tip jar is NOT Take A Penny, Leave A Penny, but if we found a state quarter in there (and the customer collected them) I'd exchange the non-state one for the state one.

    (I once read a Cosmo Confessions where this woman was dating a guy that has been collecting state quarters for a LONG time. Well, he cheated on her and they broke up. To get back at him, she took all his state quarters and did laundry with them!)
  6. I don't, but know tons who do. I don't think they'll ever be worth more than they are, because if something is marketed as a "collectible" they usually aren't. The things that usually become "collectable" or go up in value are the things no one wants and/or no one thinks to keep. Since no one kept it, it leaves only yours. Thus, value goes up. As oppsed to everyone holding onto them waiting for a value increase that will never happen.
  7. My kids have a big book of state quarters...They have it all filled. When they couldn't find the ones they needed they asked one of my best friends who owns a deli to try to find them at work. He got every one for them! I have no idea if they will be worth anything.
  8. Yeah my bro is collecting the state quarters!
  9. My daughter collects them, too. She has fun looking for them each year.

    I was collecting the state quarter Hallmark ornaments for the first few years -- then Hallmark decided to just quit making them! :cursing: A friend insisted on getting her money back from Hallmark because of that, so I did, too. Too bad -- I wanted to display them on my Americana themed tree each year... (I do many Christmas trees!)
  10. when they first came out, i was collecting them. I lost track and have stopped since. :P