State of the Union address


Nov 1, 2005
It's on right anyone watching it?

Most of the people in my office will be at work until 11pm this evening because of it (work for a political media group), luckily I did not have to stay. Much rather watch at home.
No Thanks!!! Im sure starting tomorrow, we will have the next 8 months of recaps to catch up, plus a 4th grade interperter on hand to disect what he said
. Im just glad there showing this at night, I would hate it if it interfered with The Young and The Restless.
scarlett_2005 said:
I'm not watching. This jerk is delaying American Idol.:evil: I think I'd rather watch pain dry than listen to him. :lol:

I am sooo with you on that!! Or even a root canal, would be more exciting, less painful and accomplishing!:shame:
amanda said:
i can't watch Bush speak, he gives me a facial tic. a matter of fact, my right eyelid has been twitchy lately...probably from watching Bush items all day at work...just kidding. But seriously, my right eye has been twitching.