Starting to ride again at 27

  1. Great decision getting back into riding! I find horses very therapeutic, so no doubt it will be worth getting over that initial confidence issue. It will all come flooding back, but just take it slowly at your own pace. :smile:
  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I am still too scared to contact the stable. Not sure why.
  3. You're very welcome!

    Are you able to arrange a visit to the stable before you committ to anything so you can meet the instructors and horses? That might be a gentle first step in and help you get more used to the idea.
  4. That's a good idea Jaztee. I know a girl that rides there so I will ask her at work if I could come in for a visit. I'm not sure why I am so anxious about this.
  5. Just wondering if you've found a place to ride yet. :smile: It's really important to find an instructor you love! Bombproof lesson horses are everywhere, but if you hate your instructor's style of teaching, you'll be miserable. And don't feel ashamed if you need to do some lessons on the lunge line! The slower you take it, the more your confidence will grow.
  6. I haven't had much luck finding a stable that is close by that can work with my schedule. As it gets nicer I am going to start looking harder. :smile:
  7. eBay. Be sure if it is a used helmet that it is ASTM/FEI approved and has not sustained impact or a fall. I have a GPA and love it, Charles Owens are really nice too. Also Dover Saddlery and Smartpak Equine have excellent websites, catalogs and customer service.
  8. Thanks so much for the tips!
  9. I need to buy a helmet too and would prefer to buy it online to save money bit how do I know it will fit properly? Do most helmets just fit the same?
  10. Are you just starting riding?
  11. yep. i don't want to invest much in boots/helmet right now.
  12. I know *** want ** save money, but your helmet is *** most important piece ** equipment as a rider. Mine has saved my life several times.

    I recommend *** visit local tack shops *** try several different helmet brands on in person, so at least ***'ll know what size ** order online. *** certain brands *** styles will fit some head shapes better than others. It will save *** a load ** hassle down *** road.
  13. i just went to a tack store and had one fitted. it wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be and i learned about how a helmet should fit.
  14. Helmet fit will vary depending on brand. Some are more round, some oval. Oval fits me better. Your best bet is to take measurements, and make some calls to Dover or other tack shops and get their opinion on what would suit you best. :smile:
  15. Picking up gear should be fun! When I had horses, it was one of my favourite things to experiment different tacks and devises of training and my mare didnt like to get bored anyway..

    Remember OP, hussle with horses creates tension you should avoid.

    Theres no hurry before the whistle!!!