Starting to Panic about Diamond BF and I bought - Expert Opinions Needed Please!

  1. Ok, so I found the most perfect setting for my e-ring but felt the stores diamonds were quite overpriced. We ended up getting a loose diamond and they will do the setting but after all my research I am just left confused! First I'm told colour is most imp, someone else said clarity was, someone else set cut was. Im left confused and worried that I picked a crappy stone.

    Keep in mind the my bf's budget was not huge, so I had to sacrifice something. I decided I really wanted to go for fire and brilliance instead of size.

    Heres what we got, please tell me if these specs look ok:

    Shape - Round Brilliant
    Weight - 1.07 carat 6.71-6.68 x 4mm
    Cut - Excellent Ideal
    Colour - E
    Clarity - SI1 (100% Eye Flawless)
    Total Depth - 59.7%
    Table Width - 57%
    Crown Height - 15%
    Pavilion Depth - 43%
    Girdle Thickness - Thin, Faceted
    Polish - Very Good
    Symmetry - Excellent
    Culet - None
    Fluorescence - None

    Any thoughts? Im most worried about the clarity and the girdle thickness (should it be medium?) I'll tell you guys how much it cost after some comments to avoid any potential embarassment.

  2. Yay! 1ct Round!! I bet it will look great. Looking at the stats, I don't think your stone is crappy (it depends how much you paid for it though) but the clarity seems good, especially if you were on a budget.

    About the girdle, it depends on what seting you will choose. If the setting exposes the diamond, a thin girdle makes the diamond vulnerable to chips and damage.

    Wear your diamond with pride!
  3. If you can tell me the crown angle and pavillion angle, I can give you some additonal information. Who graded the diamond. If it was GIA, the highest grade is Excellent. If AGS, the top grade is Ideal. You can trust the color and clarity from these labs. The most important element is the cut...that's what will give you the fire, brilliance and sparkle.
  4. Uh oh. I might be in trouble then. My setting is a tension setting so the diamond is pretty much totally exposed. Maybe I can see if the seller will exchange for a different diamond.
  5. EGL graded the diamond, I know its not the best. I think I really was pre-mature in getting this one. I thought I had done my research but then at the end was too quick to buy as I got really overwelmed. I dont know the crown and pavillion angle unfortunately.

    I do have a 5 day return policy. Im hoping to get it appraised in that time so I can return it if need be.
  6. Honey,I just read the stats and its fine.I am a qualified diamond grader and it looks great to me. I would'nt worry too much about angles etc when the cut and symmetry say excellent,thats says it all to me.Color is fab,clarity is good,you'll never see anything with the naked eye,so some peeps think why pay more for something I can see less of than I do now!!! As for the girdle,thin facetted is excellent,as the symmetry and cut are both excellent too it kind of all goes hand in hand,its also reflected in the quality of the girdle.Its had an extremely sympathetic cutter,and he has taken time and care of it,and gone the extra half mile by ensuring,not only is the girdle thin,its facetted too.

    I can see this in my minds eye after the experience of grading hundreds and hundreds of stones,and its a beauty!!!

    I used to sell loose diamonds and then have them mounted in a setting of the customers choice,its a much more cost effective way of doing it!! Well done you and your bf have made a savvy and personal purchase!!!
  7. I have a 1.74 ct diamond with a thin girdle in a four claw/prong setting and its fine. Chipping and cracking generally tend to occur if the stone has been cut near to its natural cleavge planes,or has an inherant sub microscopic natural stress in its crystal system. It can break or chip,but the force of the bangs or blows has to be quite terrific to do so,unless you're unlucky to have a stone with any of the former problems,but its very rare.

    I would say my diamond has been in its cut form for approx 150 years,possibly more and its perfectly fine.
  8. Cut is most important to most people who shop around a lot before purchasing because cut ultimately affects the amount of fire/sparkle and scintillation you'll get from your stone.
    The reason RisingSun mentioned crown & pavillion angles is because there's a nifty online calculator that is completely unbiased, if you enter in certain measurement, it will tell you if the cut is proprotioned or not which equals the amount of light passing through/reflecting = fire.
    You need to trust your eyes really:yes:
    The clarity is fine SI1 should allow you a fair price on a stone that appears completely eye clean although the color is so high that you might have been charged a premium for that.
  9. oh the agonies of diamond hunting! lol I feel ya on this one... i did tons of research and got so turned around when i was just beginning... and then i passed on what i decided were "good specs" to the bf, bc i knew he wouldn't have time to research on his own, and we both wanted the ring to be something of a this was the compromise.

    Swanky is right about your color being high: D-E-F being your "colorless" grades, and "E" being smack in the middle of it. As long as you're happy with the clarity grade & your SI2 is eye clean to you, and your cut is fantastic.... good job!

    post pics when you get it mounted!!
  10. I'll post pics when we get it. It cost $3600 btw. I think I could have got it for a bit less but I offered what I thought was a fair price that she wouldnt turn down. Hope I didnt pay too much! The setting is $3200! It seems a lot for a setting but it's stunning in my opinion. We're going to try and negotiate on that one as well.
  11. if it dazzles your eye, it's perfect! :biggrin:

    EVERYTHING Is negotiable ;)
  12. You can take the height and width %'s and work out the angles from that.But if they say excellent,chances are the lab will have used the same technology that you can online.Therefore its a completely quantifiable thing and cannot be fudged by any lab.

    Don't mean to sound sniffy or patronising,its just when I was grading we had access to such things as 'proportionscopes',deadly accurate,so its not worth the labs reputation to 'bend' that.
  13. A lot of labs have been proven to be too loose in their grading. Unfortunately.
    GIA and AGS are the most accurate/trustworthy.
    IGI and others are sometimes a few grades off on clarity, color, etc. . . it's really sad.
    My math skills are too stinky to derive those percentages myself!:lol:
  14. Thanks everyone! Heres a picture of the set, except my band will have some diamonds set in it. The picture doesnt NEARLY do the ring justice, it's stunning in person and I LOVE the way the diamond just floats in the tension setting. My diamond is a bit bigger than the one pictured. I know most people here like the more "blingy" type e-rings, but I am a minimalist. I find this more modern, simple style to be more me....not to mention the thicker band suits my stubby fingers!

  15. As long as YOU love it, that is all that matters!