Starting To Like The Patina

  1. When I first bought my LV bag, I wanted to keep the pale color of the vachetta as long as possible because I HATED the dark honey color and I thought the pale color looked classy. Now the vachetta has turned REALLY dark and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I just realized that the honey color matches the monogram canvas more than the pale patina does. Anyone else love dark patina? :graucho:
  2. On some bags I do. My MC speedy has very dark vachetta & for some reason, I don't like it so dark.
  3. I LVoe dark patina, especially on Black MC and Regular Monogram.
  4. I love the patina! I can't wait till my bags get luscious!
  5. the patina is great! i love my dark speedy handles!!!
  6. Yep got to love the honey colour really don't you! Can't wait until my bags get that deep rich tint to them!
  7. I love dark patina. This is one of the things that separates the yucky fakes from the real thing.
  8. The vachetta on my speedy is still pretty light. I hope I like it when it turns too.
  9. Me too, I hope i like mine when it turns!
  10. anufangava, I think the fakes out there have the same vachetta as the real ones.
  11. I didn't want my speedy handles to turn dark either, but now, after about 5 months they have turned a nice honey color and I absolutely LOVE it!
  12. I hate it! Normally, I don't like all my bags to look old and vintage.
  13. I love patina.
  14. I wish I could speed up the patina process (and I'm not talking sunshine exposure etc.)! I think it looks much classier than that untreated humptydumpty pale leather, IMHO.
  15. i like patina to a certain point. i dont really like it when it starts looking like chocolate.