Starting to hate Carly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG Carly is everywhere!!! I'm starting to not want to use my bag anymore because so many women have a Carly bag - fake and real. The fake ones are more annoying to see! :cursing: I really like how the bag looks on ME but not on anyone else! Does anyone feel the same way???
  2. I know, thats how I feel about my Sig. Stripe tote. Everyone has one and alot are FAKES !!! But I love it cuz u can fit so much in it.
  3. Well I don't care if people are carrying fake Carlys - because mine is real and I know it!

    (This is part of the reason I don't carry signature bags, because they are faked so often).
  4. Actually I had been wanting a Carly for a long time and I was finally inspired or pushed over the edge shall I say when I saw one of my husband's colleagues carrying one. I looked at my husband and said "She has Carly". He was of course very confused but I saw how cute that bag looked on her and I had to have one. I know it's silly but I guess I just looked at it as another woman with good taste.
  5. The Fakes I've seen around here are absolutely hideously obviously FAKE. Luckily, out of the (3) Carlies I have, I've only seen (1) of them on a few other people - the Medium Brown/Brown Sig. Other than that, I've only seen ONE other person with my Medium Indigo Patchwork Carly and I haven't seen anyone with my Large Denim Sig Carly yet. Therefore, I continue my love for my Carlies!! But I am hoping to buy a Leather Carly next time.
  6. Agree with handbag girl. When I see real Carly's i think it's great and it's nice to see other women who have great taste like me. I don't see much fake carly's around here so it's not a big deal here. Even if i did, i would just laugh and if I'm with my SIL she would just say "your bag's fake" out loud (she's a teen and always acts like that). It entertains me.
  7. I totally agree. To me, a bag is less desireable to me if a lot of people own it. I think the fact that so many women have Carly is the reason I never bit the bullet to buy one, as much as I love the hardware placement and overall look of the bag. But as some of you others have said, its the signature pattern that is most popular, and most faked. For that reason, I think I will buy Carly in leather next :yes:
  8. I really like my demi Carly for that. I haven't seen anyone with those yet.

    I saw so many people with khaki sigs (all types) around yesterday. It really puts me against those. I love the designs, but I also like having a somewhat original-looking bag.
  9. Everyone and their mother can have the same bag I do. As long as I still love it, I'll wear it.
  10. ITA :yes: I also could care less if they are fake, that is even funnier.. Mine is real and if it is a style I love that is all that matters.. it just shows it is a great bag that a lot of women love for me! :tup:
  11. Actually, when I see another wearing Coach, I get really excited. Like handbag*girl said, it's like seeing another w/ good taste. I don't think it takes your individuality away, because if you take 100 people carrying the same Coach bag, every one of them is going to be carrying theirs differently, wearing a different style of clothing, hairstyles, the way they carry themselves, etc. I dunno, I think that's why I love this forum so much...caz I KNOW we all have something in common, though we are all SO different. Wear your bag proudly! And maybe add a keyfob or a scarf or something to distinguish yourself from the others.
  12. :tup::tup::tup::tup:
  13. Nicely put! To me it is like hating a song that gets popular. If I liked the song before, it would make no sense for me to dislike it after other people discovered it because the song didn't change! It is the same with bags.

    Not only that, but realistically unless a person is buying limited editions or rare and pricey bags, most of them ARE produced in great quantities. That means that it is luck if we don't see someone else carrying it because logic says that thousands of other women DO own the same bag.

  14. amen
  15. Right on!:tup: