Starting to get the Bal itch again...

  1. Some of the older members may remember me...

    I gave all of my Bals up at the start of this year and havent made a purchase since Feb 07.

    NOW... I've been coming back to the forum and looking at everyones new bags and I'm starting to crave the feeling, smell and joy of a Bal bag in my hands! :graucho:

    I'm thinking of getting myself a Balenciaga again :yahoo:

    BUT this time around, I want a different style and colour all together.

    I used to have a Rouge VIF City and a Navy Twiggy.

    Any suggestions for a new edition? I want to get a darker colour, coz I'm a clutz and I want to try a new style (the purse perhaps?)

    Any suggestions :confused1:
  2. VIOLET! maybe the step?
    welcome back :smile:
  3. We all go through this, huh?!?! We come and leave and come and leave again, haaaa!!! But welcome back!!! I'm so where you are right now, just drooling over everyone's Bbag!!! I'm lovin the Violet and Sienna right now. And I so agree with pluiee, the step is nice. I also love the Brief!
  4. Yep - I've always loved the Breif style...!
  5. ^^^ oh if you love the brief... then something dark... hmmm... how about plomb? plomb GGH brief... another PFer just posted pics of hers... although I'm not a fan of the brief style... I love the plomb GGH combo! oh and welcome back!
  6. Me too Fashion! And I'm scratchin it!:nuts:

    I have a Violet city coming my way!

    Nice to see you again.:smile:
  7. Haha... good for you!

    Make sure you post pics when it arrives (I'm sure you will)

    Good to see you again too ;)
  8. We missed you! The purse or part time would be cool. I am so glad to see you come back! : ) How are you?
  9. I will definitely post pics! I hope it's gorgeous. I have also been eyeing the new styles.... I am loving the SGH more and more and am drawn to the brief or the new step style, more of a shoulder bag for me. Remember the thread.... "chubby arms and city straps"? :graucho: I just thought of that, funny. Well, I still have that problem.:lol:

    I remember, I hope things are great for you now.:flowers:
  10. Hey Shasta

    I'm great! Couldnt be better thanks! Still havent taken my holiday yet :cursing:

    Will be doing that early next year...

    The part time is different, I like it - but the pleats on the side are a concern, like it may be too structured for me... I prefer the slouch!

    Hows the Rouge VIF City going... and the BI Coin Purse?!
  11. Hi and welcome back, Fashion!:yahoo: I think something Violet would be nice- maybe a Brief since you are after a more unusual style.:heart: I think a Purse would be fabulous, too- they're just quite rare and hard to find!:tender:Good luck with your choice and pls don't forget to post pics!:yes:
  12. "chubby arms and city straps"?:roflmfao:

    Yes I do remember that one!

    I'm not a big fan of silver... I wear yellow gold - perhaps thats why.

    Do you know if the straps on the "normal" hardware bags and the straps on the GH bags are different sizes to the originals?

    Hope that made sense...
  13. ^^ lol. I'm not sure about the handle length, I'm still educating myself. They make the giant hardware in gold too. I am one who thought I would never like the giant hardware, but I find myself looking at it here more and more.
  14. Hey Marie

    I see you are adding more and more to your collection! AG is gorgeous!

    Violet... very nice colour! A breif is really high on my list - but just worried about the handles.

    My arms fit through the twiggy easily & city firmly so not sure if the Breif may be smaller than the City straps.
  15. Love the gold GH - will definately consider choosing a bag with the GH on it too!