Starting to get nervous...

  1. So I ended up buying the brown & beige pochette I had been telling you all about. This was last Friday & she sent me the tracking # & said it would either be shipped out that day or early Saturday. Since then I have been checking Fedex & it said the package has not moved so I just called them & they said they had only printed out the label & have yet to recieve an actual package!! I just e-mailed her asking what was going on! Here is the problem. I had orignally contacted her to see if she was interested in ending the listing early for a BIN price. I did't take her up on that price so when the highest winner did not pay she contacted me to see if I was interested....I am so scared I made a horrible mistake! :cry: What should I do??
  2. Did you go thru ebay or kinda worked something out on the side. If you went thru ebay, I would file a dispute that the package was not received and give them the UPS number. The same thing happened to me, where someone printed out the label, but never sent. I went thru ebay and it was resolved pretty quickly
  3. I didn't go through ebay since I never actual placed a bid so I didn't know how. I feel so stupid! The seller had great feedback from loads of authentic bags & stated she was an ALVA memeber & I made a payment w/ paypal. I want to cry.
  4. Don't feel stupid, this type of stuff happens to many of us. Hopefully, she is honest, and will email you back today and have a good excuse why the package has not been dropped off at the PO. In the meantime, I would contact Paypal to get their opinion. I believe you can also do a charge-back, but not sure if there are limitations.
  5. So paypal said they probably couldn't do much but my credit card company said they could if I wanted to. The seller did write me back though & assured me the package was sent out on Monday even though the rep I talked to at Fedex said they haven't recieved anything yet....
  6. Do you have the auction number? Which ALVA member was it? How long ago did you email her? How did you pay?
  7. ***hugs***

    i hope your pochette turns up! keep us posted on what happens!
  8. I Have Had Problems W/ Fedex......Crazy Ones. But, I Always Received The Merchandise In The End. I Hope This Is All It Is. We Are Here ~ Let Us Know How We Can Help! :smile:
  9. I'm crossing my fingers for you :smile: I hope it works out!
  10. Thanks so much everyone! I am going to hope for the best & give her the benefit of the doubt & wait a few more days, then if nothing shows up I will have the credit card company credit my account.
  11. Gosh! I hope everything works out Yhassan. :love:
  12. Do you know which Fedex service the seller used (3 Day, Ground, 2 Day, etc.)? Sometimes, with 3 Day and Ground services, the tracking updates don't happen until the truck gets to a hub where the barcode on the label gets scanned before the package goes on the next truck. Sometimes, it can be 2-3 days between tracking updates.

    If the package never made it to Fedex, the tracking info should only say "Information transmitted to Fedex" or something like that. If they got the package from the seller and scanned it at the origin, it should show up as received or accepted or whatever their lingo is.

    Good luck!
  13. Please keep us posted. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Goodluck girl!
  14. can you post the auction number?