Starting the year out right! Post your January 2018 Chanel’s!

  1. Happy New Year! Let’s start it out right with our latest Chanel purchases!
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  2. Spur of the moment trip to Chanel after work: scored these shoes on sale (last pair available and in my size!) plus this highly popular phone case/wallet thing :love::love:
  3. I didn't purchase it but Chanel sent me the flowers & gifts. I love the brooch so much.

    Chanel 2018 gifts2.jpg Chanel 2018 gifts4.jpg
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    Congrats IrisCC, what a great way to start your new year from Chanel:tup::wtf::drool:. All I ever get are the Christmas e-cards:flowers: Here is my tiny contribution from Dec 24th and 30th 2017.
    Chanel Gucci 2017.jpg
  5. Loving the shoe postings, tv_vt1809 and fally! Congrats on your latest Chanel pieces!
    I have the same loafers in beige and I love them, so I hope you will too, tv_vt1809!
    I see why everyone is obsessed about the Chanel espadrilles- so comfy and chic! We are twins on the espadrilles, fally!
  6. Good Morning Dearest @Passau , thank you for opening a Jan thread I was wondering why it had not been opened as of yet. I kept searching for it but gave up yesterday. LOL Hope you are well and having a lovely start to your day.:heart::heart: So glad to be twinning with you as I did not think I would score a pair.
  7. The bouquet is awesome, IrisCC as it has some of my favorite blooms! The brooches from Chanel are so luxe.... I have yet to add a CC one to my collection but this could be a contender!
  8. Good morning fally, I was a bit stunned to see that I had the honor of starting off the new year thread! Thank you for your contributions! I have yet to put in my Chanel pre-order from BG!!
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  9. On the first day of 2018, I bought my first chevron
  10. Happy new year! This was actually my last purchase of 2017, but didn’t get a chance to open the box until now. Here’s my second Deauville tote IMG_1515181216.602888.jpg IMG_1515181245.762666.jpg
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  11. Picked up this cutie for the new year! Really :heart: the color too, it’s kind of a pinky-red.
    6F20871B-855B-4F73-9C68-20B7712DDD88.jpeg 67C84122-2751-4AF5-9744-5AAA483C8A3F.jpeg 9C3D6DBA-CD59-4687-965C-7C2A7B6F14D5.jpeg
  12. Loving the chevrons, @Lunie and @Kmazz39! Your Deauville tote is lovely@Bridgidu! Hope the New Year will be full of Chanel’s for everyone!
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  13. The case looks fantastic, is it for a iphone + ?
  14. Congratulations @fally! Awesome purchases. Those espadrilles look so soft and comfy. Surprised to see these were on sales (weren’t markdown at the boutiques.)
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    Hello lovely @Jkfashionstyle, oh thank you hun but my espadrilles were not on sale. The navy canvas that were posted on the sale thread were on sale from Saks but the SA i reached out to sent me the wrong pair that were the all leather style from some season that I did not like.
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