Starting the New Yr with a RARE RARE Med/Large Red caviar on its way to me!

  1. Gosh...still cant believe that this rare treasure is on its way! I have been dreaming of a red flap for a few months now and I am so thankful to have found one in brand new, with tags condition.:yahoo: I have been kicking myself after I sold my Rouge Vif aka "Kiss Me Red" Balenciaga City and am in DESPERATE need of a red bag for the whites, blacks and grays in my wardrobe.

    This is the 07 red, some call it Lipstick Red which is a red with no orange undertones...very close to the RV that I sold!

    And I am in love with the new chain too... From what I understand, only 4 of the med/large caviar red flaps made it to the US!

    Will definately post pics when it arrives:smile: And I can finally have baby (due in a month's time) in peace:p

    Thank you, L.W.! You're the best!:tup:
  2. Did I hear RED :nuts:?Congrats! Can't wait to see the pix :drool: Lucky you!
  3. Wow! You did it! How in the world did you find it? Congratulations
  4. Can't wait to see pictures. Congrats!
  5. wow, very very lucky!!!! I would love a red caviar jumbo. ahhhhhhhhh i can dream!
  6. :nuts::nuts::nuts: that's my HG!!! congrats!!! However did u find one?
  7. Congrats!!!!!
  8. How did you find one?
  9. Thats AWESOME!
    I'm so happy for you - congrats and get us pics asap!
  10. Many Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics!
  11. congrats !! Way 2 go!!!! :tup:
  12. You are so lucky and I am happy for you. How did you find it?
  13. congrats, yes, only 4 made it to the us, I was able to get two from SCP but I returned one and sold the other on eBay. I love that red though.

  14. Thanks Classic Chic! Will post as soon as i receive the bag!:yes:
  15. Chanel Blonde, Lisa, Lady China doll and alouette... thanks for yr kind words! :smile: