starting the new year right....

  1. Santa's reindeer must have been tired and he drove a FedEx truck instead...

    What a beautiful Birkin:yahoo:
  2. Oooh la la!!!! Congrats!! I just might be receiving a little relative of yours today with any luck!!!

  3. omg!!!! bolide?:graucho: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:love:
  4. ohh Amour!!! Lovely bags youve got there! congrats!!!
  5. OMG! I just love this color!!!!! It's so hot!!!!! Enjoy your bags! Will look so chick paired with jeans!

    p.s. I just noticed that every bag posted on your siggy is a bag I have! lol we have alot in common!!!!

  6. thanks girl!:love: omigosh you have all the colors i want? can i be your sister and we can share bags?? LOL:love: ;)
  7. Congrats, Amour! Beautiful color in a beautiful bag!
  8. Absolutely loving Brighton Blue!!!!! Congrats...she is gorgeous!!!!!
  9. oh amour, i've been waiting for a BB birkin too! i just love the color!

    true amour, right there! :love:
  10. Sure,.. why not!
  11. :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo:

    I just saw a 30cm Brighton Blue Clemence birkin w/ PH this evening! What a gorgeous colour.

    So Amour, do you pay by Credit Card over the phone?
  12. Congrats!!!! I am so in love with that color!!! :yahoo:
  13. OMG So gorgeous!! I love the color.. what a way to start the new year :smile:
  14. thanks again ladies....i just couldn't stop staring at her....:heart:

    queenie - i used Amex to pay for it...i had to fax an authorization form to them.

    shoes - i saw your thread...congrats on your BB look fab!!!:love:

    PazT - oh girl, you hafta have's're a friend of Tresor right? she knows me too...I am a friend/client of hers;) i was actually texting her before about the color and I was soooo inlove w/ the pic she posted on her blog.;) she's my handbag guru, LOL
  15. Just gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!! Your H-family is wonderful!