Starting South Beach Diet (again)tomorrow..hehe

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  1. Hi pfers!

    I've decided to start on South Beach again tomorrow cause i've been so bad and eating a lot! hehe
    I've tried it in the past and it helped me lost far ive kept it off but thought it was time to kickstart another round ..haha
    I'm 5"5 and weight around 128 pounds...I think I should lose another 10! hehe
    DH says no need but hmmmm...what does he know? haha
    South Beach is ok..just no carbs at all for 1 week then Phase 2 is starting on good carbs and basically that's it..I've been bad..I've been eating alot of noodles/bad carbs...
    So share ur experiences if you've had any! hehe
    TIA! hope it works again this time! :wlae:
  2. I did south beach for awhile - and sort of live by it now, only with the occasional carbs here and there - and I try to have them be wheat. I eat wheat pasta when I'm craving pasta or wheat toast. I think it's a great diet :P
  3. I followed it last year and exercised a lot, too. Need to get back to that healthy lifestyle. IMO that's one of the best weight loss/maintenance programs around. (I lost nearly 25 pounds in 4 months, sadly I've gained some back)
  4. yup I think its a very reasonable diet..hmm..but I didnt exercise though (sadly) thing i didnt like about the diet though was that I ate eggs most days on the first week..I was kinda sick of eggs nearing the end of the week!
  5. Know what you mean! Except for using them in baking, I rarely eat them!
  6. LOL, eggs seem to be the only thing I can think of for breakfast..
    today is just the firstday so I'm still ok! haha :upsidedown:
  7. i'm atkinsing...good luck!
  8. thanks! good luck to you too! :yes:
  9. whoa cant believe I survived Halloween without a single piece of candy!!!
  10. That's great! For myself, I can't eat just a little--I need to avoid it completely and I don't have the desire as much. No self-control lol.

    Good luck with phase 1:yes:
  11. thankss!
    i forgot how hard it is to get started ! LOL
  12. I did South Beach last year when I had to fit into a bridesmaid dress that I had to buy like a year before the wedding. :rolleyes: It worked great! Wish I could stick with it but as soon as the wedding was over I was scarfing down m&ms in the car. :shame:

    Good luck!!!
  13. thanks! Phase 2 and 3 are okay for me...I just find Phase 1 difficult! LOL and the DH is fond of I sorta blame him...LOL =)
  14. 6th day and I feel that my jeans are already looser...yay!
  15. minami, that's super! Phase 1 is tough, but it gets you off to a good start. From your avatar, assuming that's you, it doesn't appear you need to lose one ounce! You look beautiful!:yes: