Starting potty training at / close to birth?? What do you think?


    Here's a brief synopsis from the website for the readaphobic:



    I'm sorry, but I'd rather not have baby poo in my mixing bowl (what the lady is holding)!! I'd rather change diapers...
  2. I think it's crap {no pun inteneded} to be honest.
    Sure, you might be able to time a baby so catch it's pee, but why would you want to?
    I don't think it's reasonable.

    I'm sick, and willing to admit it, but I enjoy changing my babies.
    My twins will be 3 next month and we've been trying to train them, but honestly, I don't care if they're in diapers for another year, they're my last babies.
    I like wiping then pinching their sweet cheeks! :biggrin:
  3. potty training at birth???LOL! Seriously?ummmmmm...Pretty soon they will be able to feed them selves..and hey! for college..what do they need us moms for anymore??HEEHEE!

    I think its silly in all honesty/kids will be trained when they are emotionally ready..they are WAY WAY TOO youndg at birth to learn girls were trained by age 2...worked fine for me.I enjoyed takin care of them and miss that awesome age!Why rush....????They grow up WAY too quick as it is...sniff...
  4. Potty training a child THAT early takes away the joys of when the child is a little older and you hearing, "Mommy! Daddy! I DID it!" (And then you can take them out for ice cream afterwards.)
  5. I really think that is silly. A baby needs the parent to take care of it fully- that is one of the only times in a child's life that it relies fully 100% on its parent. It needs to have that time for itself... let it use a diaper for goodness sake!!

    Swanky, the little girl I nanny turned 3 in March and she will really have nothing to do with being potty trained right now. She will occasionally go, but rarely- her parents just say that she will decide when she is ready. It doesn't bother them, and it doesn't bother me! She is holding onto it for a reason, so we all let her :smile:
  6. Training them that early also forces them to do something that every book/doctor/psychiatrist says a child should wait to do when they're emotionally ready.
  7. Silly is all I can say. I mean, what are you supposed to do when you're out in public or at someone's home? You can't say, "Hey, can I borrow your mixing bowl, so my baby can poop in it?" :lol:
  8. Oh my......
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. I can't imagine spending the day(s) just watching my baby's cues for pees and poos. I am so busy as it is (like any parent) I just don't have the time. Then imagine missing a cue and the baby doing their business on the floor etc? Then having to spend precious time cleaning the mess.
  11. THat's the stupidest thing I've ever read. Some psychologist out there is writing a book on this likely and making boo koo buckaroonies. They'll be a slew of people that 'follow'.
  12. ok, I'm going to play devils advocate here, but I disagree.
    In many 'developing' countries nappies are not an option, so mothers must look for other alternatives. The idea of 'potty training' a baby may seem a little off whack to the 'civilised' world but just because its something we are unaccustomed to, does that make it wrong?

    From what I understand from that artical, its less about 'training' your baby to poop & pee on cue in the right place & more about a mother (or father) learning enough about their baby so as to be able to preempt their needs.

    Now, lets face it, that is exactly what we parents (or parents to be:biggrin:) hope to achieve in other areas of our babies care, so is it not a natural progression to extend that to all aspects of our babies care? Do we wait until our babies are crying & screaming to feed them? or do we learn to recognise the signs of an immeniently hungry baby? Do we wait until a baby cries before we try & work out what it wants?

    I'm not saying I'm behind it 100 percent. I'm just saying that just because its a concept that we might find unnatural to our way of life, doesn't mean we should cast it aside without giving it some consideration. You could look at it from the other side & ask is it really very natural to wrap a baby in layers of manmade fibres & plastics just so we don't have to deal with the babies waste to such an extent?

    I should perhaps point out that personally, I am not going to be following this method, but I am using 100% organic recycled bamboo nappies that are fully washable & 100% biodegradeable. I will be allowing my baby to go 'nappyless' as much as possible around the house & in the garden.
  13. right, that's what some of us said. . . so it's not really potty training.
    Trying to actually potty train an infant is silly IMO.
  14. My niece just turned 2 and has been pooping on the potty since 9 months old!! My bil and sil (who I'm not big fans of anyway) always seem to have her on the potty for an really long time, playing and reading to her.

    Personally, my twins were ready when they were ready, period. Nothing I did could change that.

    I remember trying special cloth diapers that let them feel the wetness but wouldn't let the wetness out. One of my sons peed in it and looked suprised and yelled "Mommy, guess what?!" I was all excited thinking he was going to tell me he felt wet and uncomfortable. Instead he said, "Mommy, I just peed and I LOVE it b/c it feels like I'm in a swimming pool!!!" Threw those silly things right out after that.
  15. can be so funny at times!