Starting pilates, what should I expect?

  1. Hey,
    Has anyone taken pilates before? I start a class tomorrow. It's been a couple of months since I've exercised and I'm afraid I will be so sore I won't be able to move. What is the goal of pilates?: strength, flexibility, endurance. I heard that it strengthens your "core." Has anyone who has stuck with it seen results?
  2. Hi velma! I did pilates for a couple months before my wedding and even just those few workouts helped alot!! You feel really taller and longer and more limber. def. stick to it. you'll like it. is it free form pilates or do you work with the floor machine? either way, i personally love it. since my wedding i can def. say i've lost my figure just a teensy bit, so i'm starting tomorrow with my winsor pilates dvds. Good luck, let us know how it goes!!
  3. Hey VElma, i've done pilates for years and i love it. it has strengthened by back and helped me to discover muscles i never knew i had. it's alot of strenghtening across your body and also a little stretching (altho not as much as yoga).

    you won't be too sore. the basic moves are very simple and if you feel you can't do it then don't push yourself and skip out of it. For eg, a beginning might only lean back 5 degrees but an advanced person might lean back 45 degrees. and you do the more challenging version as you get stronger and improve.

    Let us know how your lesson goes and if you like it!
  4. Hey there. I teach Pilates. I ALWAYS tell my new students (and recurring ones) if you need to MODIFY ANYTHING OR take breaks PLEASE do it !!!!:yes:
    You are not there to kill yourself !! LISTEN to your body. If you stick with it, you become very "body aware" and you feel/know when to back off or when to push yourself a little. EVERY DAY your body is different. Learn to listen to what your body tells you.

    As a beginner take breaks. You WILL improve and get stronger if you keep up with it.

    Your abs will improve the most. Your general posture and alignment will improve too and you may get more flexible.

    HTH a little
  5. So I went to my first class. It was basically an introduction to pilates. We learned the warm up, standard positions and cool down, but even then there were things that were difficult for me to do (which is great b/c I need challenges or I stop going) The instructor said exactly the same thing regarding listening to your body and working at your own pace. She said that the pace will pick up next week though. So far so good!
    Thanks for all of your input!

  6. I love pilates...i take a mat based class. i def like it better than the reg abs class (crunches, etc).
  7. i love pilates also!
  8. I do pilates approximately 4 times/week...I sometimes do mat-based classes, but mostly I do Reformer classes. In short, Pilates is the bomb!!

    Until I started pilates, I ran...and ran...and ran...I averaged 70+ miles a week, have 10 marathons under my belt and countless half-marathons...I started doing pilates when my good friend opened her own studio nearby with 7 Reformer machines...since then, my running has been cut by almost 2/3 and I am leaner and stronger than I have EVER been.

    Yes, it's expensive...BUT, the results you see in such a short amount of time FAR outweighs time and effort with unknowledgeable trainers, dirty gym equipment, etc... TRUST ME. One of my other "hobbies" is rock climbing and I've seen a 10-fold increase in my level of climbing since I've been doing pilates regularly (about a year and a half now)'s truely the BEST full body workout women (and men) can do for long, lean muscles!!!

    Have fun with it! Expect to be sore but it's a "good sore"... ;)
  9. I have been addicted to Pilates for years! I love the matt, bosu and cadillac but my true love is the Reformer! I even bought one for home. I just wish I had more time to use it though- Pilates will transform your body!

  10. How do you Winsor DVDs work? I've seen the informals so many times to. Are they worth? I know it's like any other workout you have to stick to it to get results. But you like the movements?