Starting Over After Artificials... Thoughts

  1. SO i just bought this from Sallys Starting over After Artificials...
    here the link,default,pd.html

    The reviews are great does anyone here use it?

    Do you usually use it alone or under your mani or SOG?

    Just looking for other opinions... i just put it on and going to do a week treatment...

    Here is a pic of mine right now (sorry its crummy lighting its late here)
  2. I'd be very curious to know if this stuff helps, I don't do the acrylic any more but I it's only been 10 months since I took them off and I remember how thin my nails were, even now I'm reluctant to leave a silk wrap on a broken nail to long after doing so once which made the nail feel weaker after the wrap was removed.
  3. Yes i agree im trying it they are SUPPPPER shiney from this stuff... so far i havent broken any at work ahah but well see...

    i know other people use it on here but not sure if they dont want to share or what..
  4. I tried this product(suggested by a several forum members) for 3 weeks along with using cuticle oil and cream. A few of my nails were super this from over buffing. Your nails look better then mine at that time. The gal at Sally's also suggested the Artificial Nails Polish (from the same brand) on top of it to make it even stronger but I decided to just try the Starting Over. I used it by itself, not with sogs. My nails are still short and they are all pretty much back to normal. I'm not sure if it's because I just let them grow out, or because of the polish, or because of moisturizing cuticles, or a combination. I thought of using it under a sog but was worried my sog would not last. Let me know if you decide to try it under a sog as I'm interested in how it will do. Thanks!
  5. I will keep you posted i think im going to do a full week treatment... then try it over the SOG... well see though... im horrible at oiling my cuticles i forget 90% of the time... oops. lol
  6. I think oiling your cuticles is huge in keeping your nails healthy. I'm impressed how improved my cuticles are and I'm sure it had something to do with mending my nails as well. :smile:
  7. i always forget and i wash my hands so much at work i feel like it barely stays on i try to do it at night before bed so it can soak in lol
  8. Why don't you try Shea Butter?

    I have a little plastic travel container with a tight seal that I fill with Shea Butter. I keep it in my purse or jacket pocket (not as close to my body as my jeans), and use a dab on my cuticles and hands after I wash my hands or they feel too dry. My fingers are prone to eczema and contact dermatitis (can't slice onions without gloves on!) so this is a real necessity for me. For some reason, the Shea Butter just does the job so much better than other creams and lotions.
  9. i havent tried that imight have to try it
  10. Well heres alittle update on my nails today was the first reapply the polish my nails are UBER shiny and they feel alittle stronger....
    i took a pic of both hands

    Yes i know my cuticles are craptacular
    4.5.13 starting over1.jpg 4.5.13 starting over2.jpg
  11. I have a question. If you apply this stuff over a SOG, won't it defeat the purpose? Doesn't it have ingredients in it to help your nails improve? So if you apply it over something else, your nails wouldn't be getting the treatment. Could you apply it under your SOG instead? That way you'd get the treatment still, and have your gel. We don't have the product here, have never heard of it, so I'm just asking. Maybe its not a treatment, and it just gives extra strength, in which case it wouldn't matter where you apply it.
  12. Yeah you wouldn't do it over. I do t know how well the gel would stay on if you did it under bling if you clicking the Sally link it talks about it it is more of a treatment for thin, weak, peeling nails maybe ill try after I finish the week treatment and take it off. They say it takes 2 weeks to see improvement but I worked 2 full days 12 hrs without breaking a nail which would never happen before.
  13. I'll check it out when I get a chance. We don't have Sally's here, so this is all new to me. (Except for what you've told me about). I'm glad you're pleased with the results so far, I hope it continues to work for you. So you don't remove previous coats, just add new ones on top?
  14. Yeah the directions say to put 1 to 2 coats in dry clean nails then apply over coat every other day for a week then remove and redo process if needed. Results should be seen in two weeks
  15. Hmm, will be interesting to hear the results you get.