Starting out small - my first LV!

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  1. I have always wanted to get the monogram pochette cles and so while sitting in the course i was attending today, i thought "why not go to the LV store afterwards?"

    When I got to the store, which was a good 3 minutes away, I headed straight to the display area of the key holders and there stood an SA who was very nice and helpful. I asked whether they still have the Groom cles on stock, unfortunately they didn't, and she checked with other stores but to no avail. So I settled on the monogram pochette cles.

    I also asked to see the monogram Keepall in 45 and 50, and afterwards made a reservation for the 50 - which I plan to pick up next week. She said I could have the luggage tag heatstamped in time for my trip to Italy in two weeks!

    Sorry for the long post. Hehe. Here's my very first LV. And I love it!!! :yahoo:


    Did I mention I love TPF too? ;)
  2. Congrats, it's soo cute and great choice on the Keepall!
  3. Your kidding, what stores did she search for the Groom Cles?
    Because the Saks LV in Louisiana still had 3 left after I bought mine last Saturday.
    If you still really want one ask her to order one from their.:flowers:
  4. So's going to be handy!
  5. What a great starter piece! And you will love the keepall 50!! I plan to buy one this fall!
  6. Anyways very nice first LV. :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone! :smile: It is very cute and convenient to have.

    I guess she checked in Europe, because I live in Norway. She said there's a Groom wallet in London if I want, but I said no to it. I like how convenient it is to keep the cles in the pocket. No need to carry around a wallet in my backpocket - I've destroyed many a cards due to sitting on it. Hehe.

    Congrats on your Groom cles, btw!
  8. very nice, congrats!
  9. Oh well, I'm glad your happy with you new purchace anyway. :smile:
  10. Congrats!!!! Welcome To Lv!!!!
  11. so cute ~ congrats on your 1st LV!
  12. Hey Freshmess,
    Congrats on your first LV piece!! You will love the keepall 50...I also took mine to Milano/Italy on it's first trip:yes: hehe...Enjoy them both!

    Who is the SA in Oslo?? She sounds nice and helpful...
  13. cute! congrats!
  14. Congrats! A great first!
  15. Congrats!! I am sure there will be many more purchases in your future!