starting off in the world of Hermes

  1. Hello all :yahoo:

    I have been in total love with Louis Vuitton for quite a while now. Even though I still am, I have been recently branching out to other brands, including Balenciaga and Hermes. I am looking for a Hermes birkin bag to start off my Hermes collection, I am def starting early. :nuts:

    Do you ladies suggest any? ALL suggestions are welcome, I dont know how to pick one! So you guys' help will come as a great aid :shame:
  2. Ok, well I will put some pictures up of myself so you guys can see which bag fits me better.
  3. The last picture is of me in Prague (Vlad && Megs)
  4. Hi Sophia! Welcome to the orange side. :yahoo: I think you would look great with any Birkin...if you have any questions the ladies and gents here are experts. :flowers:
  5. aw thanks crochet bella.

    Do you gals know where to find information on color in this subforum?

    I am in desperate need of help!
  6. Hi. Welcome! Look under the section, "Hermes Reference Library". There are very informative sections where you can learn about color and leathers. I agree with crochetbella: I think you'd look good with any Birkin.
  7. aw thank you girlie!
  8. Welcome! You're so pretty and a Birkin will be gorgeous on you. Do your homework on this thread and read, read, read old threads. You'll be a pro in no time!
  9. Hello Sofia,

    You will find almost everything you need to know on this forum. You might want to start with pricing then size, leather, hardware and so on.

    You have many choices to choose from and if you only want one Birkin I suggest you study hard.

    Here you can learn about pricing:

    Here you can lern how to establish a relationship with an SA:

    And here is the ref. library, you will find evertything you need to know here:

    Welcome to the drk side and good luck!!!!
  10. Welcome Sophia! I think a Black 30cm Birkin would be fabulous on you!!! But then again, any color in a 30cm would suit you just fine.
  11. you're teeny, so i agree that a 30 cm birkin would be a great fit for you ;) good luck!
  12. Thanks gals, the black seems gorgeous.

    I am 5'9 by the way :smile: