Starting my MJ collection--need help!

  1. Hey everyone! I am looking at getting my first MJ and I love them all! There are so many yummy bags, and I'm having trouble narrowing down the field. I have a few questions for all the experts on this board:

    -I have been looking at the Sophia and Stella on eBay. Is that a good place to get authentic MJ bags?

    -Also, which do you prefer, the multipocket, sophia, or stella?

    -I love the stam and ursula, but should I start my collection with something more basic?

    I really want a rich dark brown or black! Yay! I'm so excited for your help!:yahoo:
  2. Hi marclover and welcome to the forum!

    I'm glad to hear that you're interested in MJ bags, they're wonderful.
    As to which bag you should start with, it really depends on how you plan to use the bag, ie work, casual, dressy, etc.

    I use to the own the small MP and loved it, it was easy to carry and had a lot of room. However, some members complain that the strap can be uncomfortable on the shoulder, esp with the larger size.

    The Stella is suppose to be a very large bag, one compartment, and also comfortable. Good for work or carrying lots of items.

    The Sophia is nice too, more comfortable to carry, good size, smaller than the Stella. The inside has three partitions which I never utilize fully, I always end up using only the middle.

    Ebay can be a good place to look but be aware of what details to look for because there are also a lot of fakes. Use the Authentication thread for help.

    Stam and Ursula are both currently popular faked styles, I would try stay away from these on ebay, unless it's a reputable seller or if the starting price is higher than the average auction.

    Hope this helps. :flowers:
  3. What thithi said was great advice. What are you looking to use the bag for?
  4. Wow--awesome advice!! I like the sound of the stella, I sort of feel if I'm going to spend the money on such a fabulous, but practical, bag, I want to use it everyday. I want something that can carry alot of stuff, but I am 5'2", so would the stella be too large? I need a bag that's going to be durable, and that I can wear on my shoulder. Also, I'm a teacher so I need to be able to shove random stacks of papers in it sometimes.:shrugs:
  5. aww shucks bag.lover. :rolleyes:

    You're the bestest too, you always help everyone out with the great leads! Love that Stella.

    marclover(love that name!), here's a photo of the stella on kate moss. thanks bag.lover for the photo!

  6. I think thithi and bag.lover are both awesome! You guys have really helped me figure out what I want! I think the stella is definitely for me; I just need to figure out the color and find a good place to get one. Is NAP a reliable place online for MJ? I live in po-dunk Minnesota, but I'm going to NYC later this month, so maybe I should look in person...any suggestions for places?

    Thanks again for the AWESOME help! MJ rules!:heart::P
  7. Jill shops at the MJ store in NY. Don't know where it is, but she has liked it in the past.
    I think you should wait to buy one and try it on IRL. I don't think you can go wrong with any MJ bag, but you have to buy what works for you.
    The leather is awesome and the hardware is always what I like the best. Good luck and after you purchase, you have to post pictures.! That is a requirement. Have fun shopping in NYC.