Starting my LV collection!

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  1. I need some help LV lovers! I was going to be making my first official LV purchse this week while I'm in NY but since so many things are sold out (esp. the Speedy and NF which were my first two choices) I want to have some other options but I'm having a hard time narrowing it down! I have about $800-$900 to spend but if need be I could go a little over.
    I already have a Multicolore Small Ring Agenda which I love but sometimes I find it a little too small.
    What are some items you've bought have love? I'm looking at the wallets, maybe a bigger agenda or a makeup bag. I don't really know. I've checked out the bags onlline but LV is not common in my province at all so I haven't seen most of them in person.
    What were your first LV pieces? Which ones did you finally really useful and which did you wish you had gotten sooner (or avoided)?

    Thanks so much for the help :smile:
  2. My first LV piece was the pochette (mono canvas). I recommend the zippy wallet (a vernis one would be gorgeous) or perhaps a cles (again, vernis). When the Speedy and Neverfull come back in stock, I would then get one of those to 'start' your collection. Just some ideas!! Good luck and have fun!
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    I think a good place to start is a speedy... A decent sized one... See them in person to make sure! Eva is a little useful bag... Zippy/Sarah wallet.... Avoid too much vachetta wallets! A Cles can be a pop of colour in your bag....

    Personally I couldn't live without my Gallieras and Speedies! I regret the purchase of my Monty (uncomfortable thin straps x2!) and Speedy 25 (too small)...they have been sold! Most useful is my Eva and Wallet! EVA is sooo versatile, classy and can be used as a pochette... Wallet does not rotate and us used all the time!! My first was my beloved Ellipse MM... Shape is just so yummy!
  4. My first LV piece was from the travel/luggage.. my carryall monogram.. I love it! I use it as my 'weekend bag' its perfect for the part.
  5. my first piece was a mono speedy 30. I would personally recommend waiting for what you REALLY want the most, and buy it online when you are home. Don't settle!!
  6. My first LV was the Mono Recital (discontinued). I think a speedy is a great start to a LV collection. I'd wait for that or get a wallet. I love LV wallets. Best out there in my opinion.
  7. I would go with a speedy. I'm in Canada too..what province are you in? You can call any of the LV locations and they should be able to ship to you via Fedex.
  8. If you're looking at accessories - I would get a Vernis wallet, either the zippy coin purse or Sarah wallet, and possibly a Monogram or Damier cosmetic case. (The half moon shaped one.)

    My first LV purchase was a Tivoli PM because it was the first thing from LV that really caught my eye, but once I started using their accessories - I never used any other accessories and slowly converted all of my accessories to LV. LV does make the best wallets IMO too. GL choosing!
  9. My first was a mono neverfull followed by the azur speedy 30. I think there are some options out there in your price range though. The Monty and Totally are very nice.
  10. My first LV was a Batignolles Horizontal and it is awesome! Second purchase was a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 and as of yesterday, I am the proud owner of a Mono Speedy 35. I also have a few SLG's. I think a Speedy would be a great first!
  11. A zippy wallet? or any epi speedy?
  12. I think it all depends on what fits into your life. I have lots of accessories which I love and use constantly (you can view my collection thread for my write up of each). I would suggest just wandering the store, checking everything out in person, and seeing what works for you.

    Good luck with your decision. Looking forward to seeing what you get!
  13. The NF and Speedy are two good choices to start off with.
    Here are some other ones you should check out:
    Totally PM
    Monty PM/GM
  14. my first was a mono speedy 30 and it's my fav maybe because it was my first
  15. which province are you in? they ship between provinces and can phone other stores in canada to find items..