Starting my first IVF cycle this week.

  1. I debated whether to start this thread but thought why not since some of you maybe considering it also and havent started yet. But I start my first IVF cycle this month. Stims start tonight. ER/ET next week hopefully. IANAD so my knowledge is limited as most of it is a lot of info to absorb at once and all I'm trying to do is stay relaxed and stress free so this ivf cycle works.

    My stims start tonight where I get to inject myself.. woohoo. It will be done with a nurse for the first time then I'm doing it on my own every night and sometimes two injections. Hubster is out of town. In any case I'm (we're) excited and nervous to finanally have gotten to this point. I hope it works and we get a positive outcome. I'm not looking forward to the lovely side effects though.
  2. I wish you the very best!!! You can do it.
  3. Good luck! My SIL just had twin girls yesterday thanks to IVF.
  4. Good luck! I hope it works right away and you don't have to give yourself more shots!

    ** babydust to you **
  5. Baby Dust!
    Let me know how it goes, it is my next step if this 3rd round of Clomid does not work. Are you on clomid now while doing iVF?
  6. Thanks for the well wishes ladies. Hopefully it works this cycle.

    The whole thing is out of pocket for us so one baby would be nice although there is a chance of multiples or none at all. I hope I don't hyperstimulate but thats what the doctors and nurses are for. I'm very relaxed and happy about this since I"ve waited a long time to start due to my scheduling work issues of not being home to actually do it.

    So I am giving myself shots in the stomach. And it is pretty easy to do considering. A bikini wax hurts more than self injections which don't hurt at all to me. Just the when to draw back when to push up on the needle is the confusing part but I'll get the hang of it. The key is jab yourself quickly I found. After a few hours I get a headache but so far that is my only side effect. I know my ovaries are going to start to hurt later. It has only been 2 days of stims; I'm on Bravelle for about a week and then depending on my response to that I start Menapour and something else mixed with it.

    Duranie- I've never been on clomid or IUI's. I had to take the BCP for a month to give my system a break, then the baseline US then started stims.

    Goodluck this month to all the ladies trying to get pregnant.
  7. snoozle - good luck and I'm sending baby dust to you. I had done an IVF a few months back and I know how it can be.
  8. Thank you for coming to explain how it goes. I hope you get pregnant on the first cycle!
  9. ouch.... i'm scared for you. i'm not afraid of needles but i dont think that i could inject myself...
  10. Oh thanks for the well wishes. Injecting yourself is in the stomach is pretty easy. It is harder to do projesterone in your bum and the needle is longer so that will be tricky. I don't have to do that yet since the hubster is doing it. But when he goes out of town and if it comes to it I will use a mirror to see.
  11. DH did my injections as well. I tried to do it twice to myself and couldnt' do it! I was even a nursing student years ago. Good Luck to you!
  12. Good luck!
  13. Any update, snoozle?? Are ya swollen yet? I found that when I was in the stim phase, my ovaries got very large and heavy. It was worth it though! GOOD LUCK!!