Starting my designer Collection

  1. These are pictures of my children. I think I am off to a great start for being only 21. I have 7 coach bags, but 6 are only pictured. 3 coach wristlets (2 pictured). 2 Juicy Couture bags. 1 Hobo International clutch. 1 LV and 1 Chanel. My LV, Black peppled leather coach, and Chanel bags are the new additions. In the future I hope to purchase a Gucci bag!:yahoo:
    Picture 209.jpg Picture 204.jpg Picture 205.jpg
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Ooo I love the chanel tote!!
  4. Great collection! I love your Chanel Tote and Damier Speedy!
  5. oh man i love your collection!! its totally not that small haha. its soo cute. I especially love the damier speedy and the chanel tote, but also the beaded signature coach tote!! everything is gorgeaus, congrats!
  6. Very nice collection! :biggrin:
  7. Very nice collection! I adore your black Chanel bag.
  8. oh I love your chanel tote also!
  9. I love ur juicy bags! so cute, i was thinking about getting a juicy couture bag too.
  10. I'm also trying to start a small collection on my own. Congrats to you. ^^
  11. Great collection!!
  12. very cute bags :smile:
  13. Thats a nice starter collection!! Cute Chanel :smile:
  14. I LOVE that Chanel tote!
  15. nice juicy!!
    great collection :heart: