starting my Coach job soon!

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  1. I walked through The Bay before and saw the section all cleared out with shelves and preparing the bags to arrive! They have watches already! When I said I would be working there, they said "oh you're Mandy, I heard about you and how excited you were!" :smile: I should be starting next week!
  2. That's so exciting! I worked at the Coach counter in Macy's and LOVED it! I hope you have TONS of fun!
  3. She was going to introduce me to the girl i will be working with but I waited and waited and she was still talking at the cash so I said I was sorry and had to go but would be back soon... I felt bad but I was just there for a few minutes... :sad:
  4. Hey I hope you have a good time working there! Best of luck but make sure you don't give all your wage/salary back to Coach ;)
  5. congrats, mandyfin -- I know you were so excited about getting the job!

    How cool to be surrounded by Coach & get paid for it! :smile:
  6. Good Luck Mandy! I am so excited for you! I hope that you really enjoy the job and enjoy all the benefits!
  7. thanks I am very excited :smile:
  8. I'm excited for you. I know how excited I would be if it were me. You should do well with your enthusiasm!! Anne
  9. How exciting! Can't wait to hear about your first day :smile:!!
  10. Congrats! It must be really exciting!
  11. pssss, now you can fill us in on all the new styles :P!

  12. That's awesome! If I lived close to a Coach store I would totally be trying to get a job there. It seems like it would be a really fun place to work!! Good luck!

  13. LOL now that will be hard to not do!:biggrin:
  14. Congrats on your new job with Coach should be really exciting with the holidays approaching!
  15. Congrats ... it won't even seem like a job!

    And trust me, it's VERY difficult to come home with a paycheck --- holding out for your first purchase wasn't difficult for me but it's hard to stop wanting things and having such easy access to them when you work there. Proud to say, I've held out for a while now ... hopin I can make it til Xmas ;)