Starting my Chanel savings fund!


Jul 24, 2006
New York
Good luck with that Kelly. I started off saving all of my change to buy shoes, and have since upgraded to an ING account called "shoe fund". The only thing is that I sometimes find it hard to part with the money once I see it there in one lump sum. I highly recommend saving your money in an ING account or something similar, solely for your Chanel, because you can automatically make deposits into the account and can also see how much interest you accumulate daily.

I keep different accounts for everything, my car insurance, christmas presents, vacation fund, etc. It helps keep my money compartmentalized in my head. ;)


May 22, 2006
good luck, kelly! i did the same thing. saved up for my first chanel that i bought three months ago! and now, i want one more -- for my birthday in april. gotta start saving again. ;)
Dec 26, 2006
Hi Kelly! I've been doing the same thing. I started my 'Chanel fund' about a year ago, but ended up buying a LV bag which costed about $800 pretty recently. My funding was low. But luckily my parents and my boyfriend pitched in a little as my christmas present and I now have about $1300 saved up.
I actually started the fund in order to purchase the Cambon large tote, but found out pretty recently that it's sold out everywhere so I need to wait another 3, 4 months.