Starting my Chanel savings fund!

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  1. Thanks everyone, for your posts of ideas yesterday for my first Chanel purchase. I live near Seattle, WA so I am planning to go to the Chanel boutique at Nordstrom there as soon as I have the money saved up. I am really motivated now. I have thought a lot off and on over the past five years or more about wanting a Chanel bag. And I think if I really buckled down I could save up to have one by my birthday next June. At work, we usually get a nice Christmas bonus so I will use some of that towards my "Chanel account", right now I have $100 plus some change to start! And any extra money I get will go in there, I am going to stop buying books (a big weakness) for awhile and go to the library, take my lunch to work more, etc.
    My only problem will be I know I will probably want everything I see once the day comes and I am standing in the store! I look on Ebay at the pictures and have started looking at your pictures of the ones you guys have and they are so beautiful! So I am really inspired now!
    Thanks so much for all your ideas and help!
  2. That's a wonderful plan Kelly! Good luck with it. I am sure the savings will accumulate more quickly than you think, and in no time you will be wearing your first Chanel.
  3. Good luck - you'll appreciate the Chanel even more after saving the money for it:smile:
  4. good luck! Stay in touch in here and we'll try and help you stay focused! LOL!
  5. Hey! I am doing the same thing! My little "Chanel fund" tucked away...hoping to get there by next Fall. Nice to have a 'fund buddy'.:P
  6. Sounds like a great plan, Kelly! You should do a little "ticker" in your signature or something to watch your savings accumulate. I think it's
  7. Kelly4...a big welcome! Time will fly and before you know it you will have the $ to make your purchase. Keep saving and staying motivated. It is a great feeling to earn something you truly love and desire. Stay focused!

    Welcome to the forum too!!!
  8. Good luck on your savings plan!

    I've thought about starting one too, but when I told some people about it, they made me feel bad. Saying, Oh that's silly, you should save for a house, not a bag. I hope you don't encounter any people like this! If you do, don't take their words to heart. I support the idea fully!
  9. Welcome Kelly,

    Congrats on the Chanel fund. You'll be so happy that you have saved for such a great bag. It will add up in no time.
  10. Can't wait to celebrate with you when you post that bag in June!!! It will be here before you know it!
  11. welcome to the chanel forum, kelly4!!
    i think it's wonderful that you are making those steps to save for your first chanel! i remember when i did the same for my first designer bag- an LV epi soufflot. getting a bag that you saved for can be so much more satisfying bc you don't take it for granted!
    good luck, and we'll be here to root you on!
  12. I bought my first Chanel few days ago and I totally understand how you feel! I wish you good luck and don't worry, when you are in the store, after an initial confusion, you will understand which bag is for you :biggrin:
  13. I have already run into one of those husband!! I have talked to him off and on about wanting a Chanel handbag and when I told him this morning that I definitely plan to save up and get one for my 49th birthday in June he told me I "should just buy a knock-off one, that $1500 or more is crazy to spend on a purse!":nuts: Of course, this is from a man with a huge hunting and fishing hobby with a jet sled boat for fishing with all the toys he wants!! He just doesn't get it, but that's okay. I told him it's something I've wanted for a long time, it's a luxury item, I'll have it for my lifetime and I work hard at my job and I feel the time in life has come when I want to get one. I could just go out and put one on a credit card right now, but I really want to save up for it, I think it will mean more to me. Anyway, thanks for listening, I am not going to let him rain on my parade about it!!:crybaby: I am excited about saving up and really motivated. Thank you everyone for all of your support and I know I have a great place to come for understanding and support about this!!
    Blessings to you all!
  14. Goodluck :smile:
  15. that's great!! i tried to start "funds" but i'm too weak. i get distracted by other shiny items haha. now you've inspired me to try again! haha