Starting my American Girl doll collection..AM I TOO OLD??


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Aug 20, 2006
North Texas
:biggrin: Not that I care if anyone tells me i'm too old to do what I love to do but I just wanted to get a quick opinion from you guys.

When I was 8 years old all I dreamt about wAS getting an American Girl doll. (Addy Walker to be exact.) Well, one WHOLE year later i finally opened her up for Christmas and I was BEYOND ecstatic!! Well. a year later my doll ended up being given away to a much poorer family and I never got to replace my beloved doll.

Well, thsi year we are all doing a gift exchange and my daddy got my name and he asked me what I wanted. And I told him I wanted an American Girl doll. (THEY JUST OPENED A STORE IN DALLAS!!!) I want to start my collection all over again and this time...i'm going to get my dolls myself!! lol.

So my question I too old to collect these dolls? I mean, i dont plan on sitting down and playing with them (unless you count me putting their furniture in order and possibly buying them different outfits playing...;D).
Apr 25, 2007
San Antonio
I wanted to collect these dolls too! I had all the books (at the time).. I freakin' loved those books!! If you want to collect these dolls, then do it!:tup: I loved Samantha!


Go for it! I love American Girls dolls, I have Kirsten, Samantha, and Felicity, but I only have Felicity at my apartment right now, the rest and the clothing are in storage at my mom's. I'm not actively buying them right now, but I've thought about picking up a few pieces here and there. I'm saving them for a future daughter, but even if I have sons I will still be happy with my dolls, lol!

Oh man, now you've got me thinking about trying to pick up Addy too, I always wanted her as well...


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Aug 20, 2006
North Texas
:biggrin: When i was younger, i just remember these dolls being unattainable because A.) they were sooooo expensive and we didnt have much money and B.) I would read all their books and see a few select girls have the dolls so i knew they werent just dolls you could pick up at your local store you know?? I would actually go to doll stores and look for them in the aisles while my mom would look around and i would HOPE to see them but of course, NEVER DID! lol. I dont know, they just seemed different from the other dolls, i mean, i never ONCE saw one in a garage sale! :biggrin:

I am actually going to save my dolls for a future granddaughter since i'm not gonna have any more kids and i have 2 boys! I know they will LOVE them and they will be so valuable by then! I will psot pics of my dolls when i start buying them!


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Jul 2, 2007
I also agree with the "you are never to old" saying!!! I say do what makes you happy and what you are interested in!

Post pics too! This would also be a good thing for you to ask twinkle.tink!!


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
Noooo, you're not too old!!

I love American Girl dolls & stories, and I used to read them as I was a child. I always wanted to be Samantha. I thought the life she lead and the time period she lived in was very romantic and special :heart:


Mar 2, 2006
Lol not at all! I still have mine from when I was little (Samantha, Kirsten and the one you made to look like you) and all their accessories. Heck, I still get the catalog!


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Jul 7, 2006
I still have mine! They're all in their pajamas (my favorite outfit was Samantha's nightgown and kimono!) and sitting on a trunk in my childhood room.

I have (and I listed them in the order I got them)

My American Girl

I remember how wonderful it was to see the doll under the tree Christmas morning!

I would save my allowance and order more things for them. We lived on Kwajalein at the time, and when packages came in the mail, my dad would pick it up on his way home from work. He would always put the package on my bed.

I do have other outfits for them, but they're packed away somewhere. I also saved the books.

Three years ago, I went to New York to see Monty Python's Spamalot! on Broadway. During my sightseeing I found the American Girl store and went in. I bought a t-shirt from the store and now My American Girl is wearing it.
Feb 11, 2006
San Francisco
Go for it! You're never too old. I hate when people pull the age thing on adults. Most people don't understand why I love Disney so much but it's really all about how it makes you feel. Do what makes you happy and don't let your age limit you.


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Nov 11, 2007
Western Canada
Of course you're not too old!

I have all the original series of books, my grandmother used to give them to me for birthdays and Christmas. I always dreamed of having one of the dolls, but we couldn't afford one. I still have one American Girls catalogue from 1994 that I used to pour over... it brings back a lot of memories.