Starting kindergarten at age 5 vs 6

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  1. This - it is all about maturity levels of kids.

    My kids all have their birthdays in May/June, so it is quite straightforward, although no one HAS to go to preschool/kindergarten, only actual school/1st grade. cut off age is 6 years by September to HAVE to go, after that it is CAN go until October/November.

    My nephew's b;day is end of October, so his parents chose to delay his schooling until the year after, so he is probably among the older ones in class. my experience has been that it is better to be older than younger than everyone else (best is to be the same age obviously). I only ever heard that kids had problems being younger than the rest because they can't keep up with some physical developments etc.

    my own kids have been in daycare/ kindergarten/ preschool from the age of 4 months (daughters) and 16 months (son). the older two have done well and actually were ready for formal instruction from the age of 5, having played more than enough the years before. but then again, it depends on the kid, I have seen others in my daughter's preschool that were supposed to move on to first grade and had to repeat another year in preschool because they were just not ready in terms of maturity.
  2. It all depends on the child and their personality and abilities. My youngest son has a late November birthday and here in NYC, you can enter kindergarten as long as you are turning 5 by Dec. 31 of that year. A few people thought I should hold my son back a year, but, i disagreed.

    My son, even at the age of 4, was very outgoing, very friendly and since he had us and a sibling who was 13 years older than him, very used to being around older, more mature people. He was also a big kid physically for his age. I knew he could handle being the youngest with no problem, plus, at his size, I felt if I held him back a year, he would look ridiculous when he did start kindergarten!

    Anyway, he went to kindergarten at the age of 4, not turning 5 until late November of that year. He is now in 8th grade and just turned 13 a few months ago while about 5 of his friends have already turned 14. It has never hurt him socially or academically and I am glad I sent him when I did. he will be 17 when he graduates high school.

    But, this is my kid and his personality, you have to decide if you think your child has the personality and smarts to handle it

  3. I think this assumes that children/teens all develop at the same time. Not so!

  4. My DS1 also has an August birthday, and unfortunately it has not gone as well for us. Many people redshirt their boys he is closer in age to a lot of the 5th graders, and at this point, both socially and physically he would fit in much better in the younger grade. We had decided to keep him on track because he was so bright academically, we thought it made no sense to keep him back...but he is the youngest and does not have much in common with the boys in his grade.
  5. We did the same thing with my daughter. .we live in CT and they have the same cut off. I was really on the fence and met with her preschool teachers and they also felt she was ready. I trusted my gut and sent her and so far no regrets at all. She is now in 7th grade.
  6. both my kids are very late fall, but our cutoff is dec. 1st

    held both of them, best decision ever.