Starting Into MakeUP...What Do I Need?

  1. OK...this is what I have so far:

    Foundation (Origins)
    Powder (Bare Mineral)
    Tons of lip gloss
    Mascara (Dior)

    When I was in Sephora the girl said I didn't have really dark circles under my eyes...and small she said no concealer? I thought foundation was concealer (please don't laugh at me....I'm clueless)!

    What else do I need?

    Bear in mind...I am going for the casual, daytime, school look! No over the top stuff! Just want to look natural!
  2. concealer is something you put on to minimize the appearance of particularly discolored areas - it's a spot treatment, not an all-over thing. foundation goes all over to even out your skin tone.

    i'd get some eyeshadows in both neutral tones and some colors that compliment your eye color (for example, if your eyes are green, get golds, olives, and purples). i'd also get good eyeliner pencils - one in brown for day and one in black for night. MAC is my favorite for eye makeup, they make tons of colors. also, a bronzer can be nice to give your cheeks a little color. i recommend armani, they make great bronzers without orange undertones.
  3. Sometimes, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, etc., have great eye kits, with instructions, etc.
  4. blush or bronzer, and maybe some lipstick in a nude shade.
  5. Check out youtube for some tutorials too :smile: They helped me a lot in the beginning.
  6. There is lots of good info in various places on the Sephora website. Also, their catalog gives good instructions on how to copy the looks they show. Your list looks pretty good for just starting in make-up, those are the essentials. Eyeshadow and liner are VERY fun to play with. I learned how to do my make-up over many years LOL. When I was younger I just spent free time applying different products in different ways. Now, lots of people ask their make-up for them. Have fun with it! My fav. eyeshadow brands are Urban Decay and also Covergirl has some nice, long-lasting shades.
    Oh just to add--- eyeshadows complementing your eye color are great, but make sure they complement your skin tone as well!!
  7. Oh, and Twiggers, PM me if you want to chat about make-up! I have sooooooooo many brands and all kinds and I love to talk about it!
  8. Thanks rinstar!!!! I appreciate the offer...I may just take you up on it...sooner rather than later LOL!

    The concealer thing makes sense now.....I was reading in the Sephora catalog about primer?? IS that necessary?

    So no blush? Bronzer instead?
  9. Oh and about the primer thing.... I don't think it's necessary. Esp if you have small pores. I bought some and just find it to be an extra step that doesn't really make a difference.
  10. You've got your basics covered! I'd just add some blush. I prefer Tarte's gel blush, but I don't think it'll go very well with the mineral powder. Maybe Nars Orgasm? Many girls here swear by it. Oh! And an eyelash curler, it can make a whole lotta difference.
  11. I'll try not to be too repetitive, but here's my 2 cents...

    -Concealer can do more for you than foundation can. esp. if you have good skin you don't really need foundation, just concealer that matches your skin perfectly for the occasional blemish or dark circle.
    -Primer is totally not necessary. If you have good skin (and it sounds like you do) then don't buy it.
    -An eyelash curler is a great investment and makes a big difference. Shu Uemura makes a good one. You may also want to buy a makeup brush or two. 2 Good ones to have are a blush brush and an eyeshadow brush.
    -On the blush vs. bronzer debate - if you have very fair skin stick with blush, at least until you learn more about makeup and then you could try bronzers. If you're more tan bronzer shouldn't be too hard to pull off.
    -To get the right colors for your skin, I highly recommend going to a makeup counter and having someone help you. You could just do a little research on what brands you think you might like and go their counters. Most everyone loves MAC. I personally also like Lancome and Bobbi Brown.

    Have fun shopping! :tup:
  12. Thanks again all!!! Fortnately I have a Sephora that just opened in my that's my new home!
    My face cleanser stuff is all I have to pop into Macys every now and again though!
  13. Hmmm, i think a eye brow pencil is good too. But thats just me.
  14. Eyeliner (gel eyeliner like Stila smudgepots) might be good too if you want to accentuate the shape of your eyes. I think it looks sexy too, but not in an over-the-top kind of way.

    Wow, you are gettin' more gorgeous than ever!