Starting INSANITY Workout DVD(s)...!

  1. Hi all

    I noticed the last thread pertaining to Insanity specifically was back in February so thought I'd start a new one...I'm wondering if there are any ladies out there who have done it/are doing it/etc. Just did the Fit Test today so I'm on DAY 1 :biggrin:

    I'm 20, 5 foot 5, ~135ish pounds and small/medium build. I'm leaving for a 8-9 week trip to Germany next week (boyfriend lives there, family/friends there) and I wanted to have something I could do for a workout while on the go so I thought I'd give Insanity a try as the DVDs aren't too bulky to bring with me and the workout requires no additional equipment (though I'll be bringing a small foam roller, some medium/heavy resistance bands, sneaks, etc.) Each workout is 20-40 minutes so it shouldn't be too hard to incorporate it into each day. I want to lose just a little weight but more importantly build strength/muscle and be and look fit.

    My plan is to do Insanity on the schedule the program gives you as well as intersperse some yoga DVD sessions and see how it goes.

    Anyways, I'd love to hear other people's experiences/tips!
  2. im currently on week 4. We could stay motivated together.

    I know how hard it is to get started and really continue because the workouts are no joke but they are not impossible.

    You just gotta stick with it. Afterwards, you take a nice cold shower and feel great. Thats my tip for ya.

    You just incorporating it with a little yoga is pretty good. The flexibility factor really works out and the benefits are numerous.
  3. I have been thinking of trying those dvds but I always think they (work out dvds you see on tv) are over priced and dont do anything. Do you really not need anything but sneakers? Also can I ask where you guys bought yours..IK online its like $100 or something. I go jogging every day and am looking for something to do every other day instead of only jogging. thanks:smile:
  4. I love it. I am still on month 1, though.

    I needed to buy new shoes with new insoles and a heart rate monitor. I found padding in a closet to use as a mat. The shoes and padding were to protect my knees because there is a lot of jumping.

    I think it's better than jogging because it moves your body in different ways, you MUST use your core, and you do a lot of going down to the floor and getting up. And there are a few pushups. It moves fast so it doesn't get boring (to me). My heartrate gets up to 90% max really fast with this workout; that's why I check the heartrate monitor.

    It's really not intended for use every other day, unless you have already gone through the 60 day program at at least once.

    There are 10 dvds for $120 plus $25 s&h plus tax. The dvds are repetitive, but designed to work together.

    I haven't lost any weight after 3 weeks. This is common, read the reviews. I am eating more because I'm hungry! I think I'll start to lose weight in month 2 where the heavy part of the workout is twice as long. Either way, I'm still committed to it because it is making me stronger and more mobile.
  5. I am 5'4 and I used to be around 132! However, I really cut back how much/what I was eating and was able to drop down to around 125. After that, I just do around 30 mins of cardio 3-5x a week and weight training when I feel like it and Im down to 120!!!

    I personally could not do insanity but good luck to you and let us know how you do!
  6. Thanks! I think I am going to order these, but ptobably not until august...Im moving in 2 weeks and I know im not gonna be able to start this until we get settled. I dont think Ill have a problem sticking with doing it every day, as I started running a few months ago and go 6 days a week. The running thing is getting old by itself tho and I definately need something new and that works more parts of my body. Im not looking to lose a ton of weight but more just want to get a lot more tone. Im 5' 6'' and 150, and a medium build.
  7. OMG!! After six days of this CRAZINESS I am starting to notice improvements. The first FIVE days even the warm up was TOO MUCH for me. Like I was dying…! TODAY. WHOO HOO! I’m so excited I don’t even know how to say it…! I was able to get through the entire warm up feeling GOOD!! I might have taken like one tiny break but other than that I GOT THROUGH IT! This means my endurance is improving.

    And since I’ve been doing Hip Hop Abs before Insanity (as a more legit, slower-paced warm up) I can also see a few ab lines starting to form… UNDERNEATH all my flab. Lmao. This is aaaaamazing. I believe in Shaun T!!

    Unfortunately I find myself skipping the DRILLS. And then I feel bad for not pushing myself as hard as I can because the work outs are like… Idk, only half hour-ish! But the drills are MAD HARD. I feel really bad like I’m not making the most of the workout and I’m cheating.

    But at the same time I CANNOT breathe when I’m in push-up position after all the other ridiculous cardio that comes before it. When my head is down is when my face starts to turn tomato red… :\ It does not feel good not being able to breathe. BUT I FINISHED WEEK 1!!! :biggrin:

    Does anyone have tips on breathing when my head is down?? Kinda random... but it's what's keeping me from going all out with the push up drills.
  8. I'm just about at the end of my third week - tomorrow I'll be done with week 3!! I've READ posts online telling me what to expect with this program - initial weight gain due to muscle gain in the first month and then in the second month, weight loss due to the increased duration of the work outs...

    But yep. It's happened. A few months ago I lost 7lbs and had managed to consistently keep off those 7lbs just through eating healthier/less snacking. But now I'm coming up to the end of my 3rd week and I've gained 3lbs, pretty much consistently 1 lb a week. I'm praaaaaying it's 3lbs of muscle. My jeans definitely fit more comfortably and I can see the outline of abs...

    And my ENDURANCE! Boy that sure has improved A LOT!!! I'm constantly amazed that now I can do the warm up all the way through with maybe one-two breaks of just shaking it out. Before I had to STOP, catch my breath, etc. I'm definitely proud of myself...

    I KNEW this was going to happen... but ... it's still WEIGHT GAIN when my ultimate goal is to lose a LOT of weight.

    I'm kind of glad I started off working out with this program because I feel that after I'm done I will be able to pick up jogging with a higher degree of endurance. I get shin splints super duper easily and it literally handicaps my jogging. I have to STOP, massage very hard, and then I can keep going until it comes back...

    But Insanity is definitely helping me out. My breathing has gotten so much better! As has my endurance, etc. I just need to stick with it until the end because I know exercise in general is just really healthy and good. But it's hard to step away from the scale while my goal is to shed those pounds!! :wacko:
  9. If you can find a Beachbody coach online or sign up for an account you can save 10% when you buy it from their website. I'm not a coach but I know there are quite a few ladies on tPF who are ... I've seen it in their signatures.
  10. I'm on day 3. Bought mine off Craigslist, sealed for $25.

    My legs feel dead :p but I did wake up a pound less so I can't complain.

    Popping in day three now!
  11. Wow, that's a great price! I wish I could find a set that cheap!
  12. Craigslist. I'm a big fan.
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  14. It's just not the same without the visuals ...

    Charles, you should make exercise videos for tPF! We could showcase all our handbags in the background ... :lol:
  15. Lol

    I don't want my Chanel to see me sweat! She won't let me hold her later!