Starting from scratch with L.V.

  1. As much as I love my L.V. collection, sometimes I wish it would all just 'go away', so I could have the fun of starting again.

    I think about what I would 're-buy', and what I would replace with something else.

    Does this sound NUTS.

    Anyway, for me I would have changed the following:

    -Speedy 30 instead of 25
    -Suhali Zippy wallet instead of Mono. (I bought both and don't use the Mono. anymore, but love it and don't want to part with it)
    -would have gotten the G.M. Manhattan instead of the P.M. because as much as I love the P.M. she is a little bit small
    -My first L.V. was a bolonge, but once again, too small

    My last bag was the Le Superbe, and she carries everything, so finally I seem to have gotten the size right.

    I could on and on about what I might buy if starting from scratch!

    :girlsigh: :sweatdrop: :graucho: :s

    Anyone else do this??
  2. No, but why don't you sell those bags you are no longer happy with?
  3. I think I will faint if I have to compile my collection all over again haha... :sweatdrop:
  4. I think I've changed my whole collection like 3 or 4 times now. LOL, I can't help it, I fall in and out of love....
  5. I only have 2 LV's left, since my tastes changed. But I do plan to add more just more carefully.
  6. Well you can sell the ones you got the size wrong on and buy them again but with the right size.
  7. This is something I like about LV. You can sell your bags for a really decent amount of money and buy a new bag!
  8. Yes, you are all right, I could sell some of my bags, but for some reason I am 'attached' to them.

    This is something I am going to have to overcome, because I bought my Mono. zippy in late Nov. and haven'y even used it. I was in the process of changing over from my mono. P.T.I. when I got the Suhali Zippy to match my new bag.

    I'm going to have to learn to 'let go'.

    :tup: :love: :girlsigh:
  9. Just like me! I have changed and changed and changed, so many times! Now I think my collection is ok, I love all my bags, they are nice AND pracitcal.
  10. Yes let them go - but think very good before you buy a new bag! That's what I have learned about my experiences!!;)
  11. One thing I have noticed is that the longer I collect, the more my tastes change. I also have a better idea of what works for me in a bag and what doesn't.
  12. :yes:

    I've bought a few things that haven't really worked out, but I just try to sell them so that I can get what I actually want and will use !
  13. See normal ...
    Style change, you taste changes - so I constantly change my collection.
    Seem like you may want to sell what you don't use. I hate clutter and getting rid of stuff makes room for stuff you can love more.
  14. Yes I am slowly learning to do my homework before I make a purchase. When I first started my L.V. love affair, I would simply drive (a very long drive) to my L.V. store, and having driven some 4 hours, I felt this need to get SOMETHING!!

    Now I spend hours on eBay, ELuxury, and the L.V. web site, and of course this great P.F. where everyone's oppinions are so helpful.

    I still wish I was close enough to a store where I could just drop by and try on the bags.

    I dreampt about the Hudson for ages, made the drive, and found out it couldn't hold my precious L.V. accessories so I kind of ' grabbed 'the Manhattan instead.

    Sometimes purses that looked fantastic in pictures were a total disappointment in person.

    Maybe I should move hehe!!

  15. i want to keep my collection small (see below), just because i tend to use a bag for ages before i switch. for example, when i got my first damier 25, i used it exlusively for four months until i got my mono 25, which i used for another 4 months, switched back to the damier until i got my 30 in december...and haven't used another bag since! so i say, out with the old, in with the new! i couldn't picture myself having more than 5 bags at once.