Starting from scratch- how to build my wardrobe!

  1. Determine your color type, whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter. This way it will be easier to pick out basic colors that suit you best. For example if you are sprung, black is not a good basic color for you and you should better stick with navy or camel
  2. I don't know what color season I am, but I wear a lot of black so it must not be spring. I hate khaki and never wear it on top or bottom becasue it looks awful on me.

    Thanks for the tips on the cardis- I find that I don't really like merino either and recently gave away all of my J.Crew merino cardigans. I don't like the way it feels or how it hangs on me because I am one size bigger on the bottom than the top and I feel like it gets caught on my hips.

    I LOVE J.Crew Cashmere, but all of my stuff is winter sweaters. Can't wait to bust them out this year!

    Yesterday I bought the Minnie in black, a blue and white checked gingham buttom up shirt, an almond colored medium width belt, and a navy blue "poof" skirt. I think the skirt is going back because I realized it needs to be worn high on the natural waist or else it makes me look wide and if I do that it is WAY too short.

    Any ideas for the Minnie pant outfits with sandals?