Starting from scratch for a Chanel

  1. Ive been on this forum for a few months now & did think of buying a "fake" Chanel. I know how bad that sounds and i'm glad I didn't. I just promised myself today that I am going to buy myself a classic 2.55 quilted Chanel (either red/black) and that I am going to save up for it.

    First of all, does anyone know how much a classic quilted 2.55 Chanel cost in the UK? Say, in London or Cardiff?

    The "scratch" thing is that I haven't got a proper job and I am literally penniless now. Yes, that is how broke I am. I came from Singapore to the UK with a few thousand dollars, spent it all on food, some clothes (some that I don't need) & bags (all that I don't need) & too many magazines. I did that all in a space of 2.5 months. I'm living with my boyfriend now so at the moment he pays extra rent for me since I can't afford to.

    I am not the type to save up and never even thought of actually even doing that but after all the months of wanting a Chanel, Ive decided thats what im going to do.

    So tomorrow is the day i start searching for a full time job and work hard towards my goal. I know how boring my post sounds but I was hoping for some good tips on saving and motivating myself on how to save and also perhaps any of u who had to save from scratch like im going to and share ur experience with me.

    Most importantly, I still don't know how much the Chanel costs. I was thinking it was like US$3000 or £1500 but i may be wrong. Please let me know. Since once i start work it means i have to help out with rent & bills, i figure i can only save like £50-£100 (USD$100-USD$200) a month for the bag budget, since i need to save for emergencies & future education too.

    The only "designer", well not in Chanel's league bag i have is a Coach scarf hobo. That will have to do before i get my Chanel. :smile: Mischa Barton is a great Chanel muse! :-P

    Hope 2 hear from u girls soon! :smile:

    Im 21 years old. Hope its not too late to learn.
  2. No, never too late. Here is what I did:

    - Eat veggie food (cheap and healthy)
    - Use public transportation (cheap and safe)
    - Use public library (cheap way to learn)
    - Attend college (for better future) and go for finance career.
    - Find a job.
    - Buy the bag you like
    and... keep up passion.....:wlae:
  3. Good Luck!!!!
  4. Great advice, katie! Just want to add that saving up for a bag has such a feel-good factor. Just think of it as a gift to yourself for all your hard work.

    Here's my tip: My monthly income goes to general household upkeep, children's education, etc. So I usually buy my bags using my annual performance bonus money. So everytime I wear my bag, I know that I have earned it. While at the same the bag acts as a motivation to work even harder because higher bonus = nicer/more bags!

    I wish you all the best in finding a job. Just think of the Chanel bag waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. ;)
  5. Hi I am 21 and from London also and was lucky enough to get some inheritance last december and bought classic flap in Caviar for £850, however I have heard it has now increased to £950-955! Good luck in finding a job, if you are in London please try the job centre as that is where I found a job. Few tips read magazines in shops such as boarders insead of buying them, walk when you can and of course make sure you are in education so that you can get an even better job! Good luck it may seem like a long journey, but you will get there in the end x
  6. OMG such great tips! im definitely trying the veggie tip! at least for half a week! :smile: thanks! x
  7. thanks! i was thinking saving for the chanel helps me to learn how to save too! ;) thanks so much for the support. i really need it.
  8. OMG thanks for letting me know the price! YIKES! increase of 100 pounds! :sad: Oh well, at least its much less than i thought! thank u so much for letting me know! x
  9. Good luck cordeeelia!

    Hope you get your first Chanel soon!
  10. I bought a black classic flap bag with silver h/w for 985ponds before the prices increased in London. It costs 1135pounds now. We called it large size in UK (the size below the extra large).

    Good luck in finding a job.
  11. never too late!! good luck!!
  12. Good luck!!!!in finding job:smile:

    i always say:go to college and find nice job:smile:

    u always can save a student i NEED to save up for my living and shopping cost.LOL!
    and the best way is:
    COOK! i always cook for weekdays..well i spoil myself on weekend compare to spend more than $10 a day, i only spend less than $5 or somtimes less than $3 a day for food!!
    i also enjoy cooking, so it doesnt matter for me:smile:

    and limit coffee!im not addict to coffee, so i dont spend my money on starbucks...just sometimes when i feel like i need!

    and I can use my food money for online shopping.haha...
  13. wow i cant believe the price increased again! :sad: This is sooo disheartening.

    I was thinking of getting the medium one or is the large one the smallest?

    heres a pic.

  14. The same size as the one Mischa is carrying in these pictures. Are they medium or large?

  15. [​IMG]