starting budget for chanel

  1. i have been trying to set myself a budget for my first chanel purchase. considering i have just bought a pair of louboutins and a pair of stella mccartneys last week, i think i am looking at $1500-$1900, is this a totally unrealistic budget? i live in ireland and we have one boutique here or i can go to london

    it is hard to know when you can't see any online with prices!!

  2. hmm, after looking at a few more threads, i don't think my modest budget will get me much :tdown:
  3. hi I am sure you can get Chanel clucth or pochette bags. Also for around £630 which is around 888 Euros or a Paris B tote. Please check the Chanel UK thread in the Shopping forum so you can find out about prices.
  4. thanks cammy, i just found that thread and have been checking it out

    thank you