Starting again....

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  1. Hi ladie's
    I have decided to start my louboutin collection again... YET again!
    My reasoning being I did have 2 pairs though they went to new homes as they were too big for me I then got another three pairs and have had those for months and yet I think I wore two pairs once and never wore the last pair
    I did love them all however they were not praticall enough for my wardrobe and life style.
    I live in the country and rarely go out to occasions suitable for the shoe's that I have.
    So I have a new plan I'm thinking
    the dark red patent rolando's
    black suede declic's
    nude patent very prive
    black patent very prive
    then after that any fun colours and glitters etc I will only buy if they are an absoloute bargain or if I have some spare money and my heart jumps for them and I truly feel I deserve them.
    I would love any oppinions on my choice of styles and weather or not you think I should just keep building up on the ones I have or if this seems like a better move. I feel like I'm forever buying things then getting over them or not wearing them so I feel as if these could be good investments all though they are quite expensive shoe's and I don't want to buy them only to find I won't wear them again lol. Do you guys wear you shoes all that much? Especially If you have these style's?
  2. Or if there is a style I should add or swap around? Thanks xx
  3. i love all your choices. they seem practical enough. enjoy starting again!
  4. Hi ! =)
    Instead of black patent very prive i would go for another design.. maybe decolleté or new simple in kid. =)

    Or something completely crazy ! Studded ? Exotics ? Anything Electric Blue !! :heart:
  5. OP, How about the Miss Boxe wedge, and/or the Simple pump? IMO you can dress them up or down and they look great with dresses, skirts, and pants. Good luck with your decision!
  6. Oh yeah I'll definately be getting something crazy I forgot to add that! Blue fuscia or stud's I think I'll get simple's in suede instead of declic's cos they don't have the declic 120's in black suede anywhere!! :sad:
  7. i think all of the styles you picked are quite classic! however, having owned all the styles on your list, i would say that i have found the nude patent VP's to be the most versatile. they're very easy to dress down with jeans during the daytime, KWIM?

    regarding the rolandos, i actually had the wine patent ones, but i had to sell them because i just could not wear them for the life of me, even though i can wear the pigalle 120 quite comfortably. i think certain foot/toe shapes are more suitable for the rolando than others, so i would urge you to definitely try before buying, if you haven't already.

    have you considered perhaps getting a pair of ankle booties? i think those would be super chic for the country - i wore my natural ariella talon watersnake booties to a county fair last summer and got tons of compliments

    happy shopping! (^(oo)^)v
  8. oh thanks LVpiggy for all your advice yes nude vp's will get soo much wear considering I have alot of colour and whites in my wardrobe and black shoe's rarely cut it for me!
    OH no about the rolando's :,( I have allready bought them and no I didn't try them and no they are not refundable! eBay find! Though I had insectika's once and I could not wer those for very long the no platform thing kills me I di try declic's though and thought they were heaven so I hope the rolando's are more like the declic's than the décolleté and pigalle's though I know the sizeing is quite small in rolando's so I sized up
    as for ankle boots I would kill for the astraqueen but my size is no where! Or the cest moi! I'll definatly keep an eye out + my mum & SO also said they would get everyone to pitch in for some hot knee high boots for my birthday in July :smile: that's when it's super cold here as for the studded VP st honoré boutique are getting a new shipment an I'm on the list :smile: so that will be one of my out there pair's though I def will get heaps of colourful suede and sparkle's eventually but for now I must stet with classic's or i get too carrie'd away ha ha
  9. actually i think you'll be fine in the rolandos . . . it's been hypothesized several times on this forum that most people have either "pigalle feet" or "rolando feet" but not both. so, if you found the pigalles unbearable, then that augurs well for your rolandos! i do find that they fit more like the declics, which i also find less comfy than pigalles (^(oo)^)v
  10. Oh a little releif :smile: yes I'm definately a platform kinda girl I loved the declic's décolleté's I cramp up in and pigalle's well I would just kill my self in those ha ha
  11. Ladie's...... After 2 years of being on the hunt on numerous wait list's and missing out by $2 and 20 seconds guess what......................
    I FINALLY GOT MY NUDE'S!!!! Oh I'm so incredibly excited I have butterfly's and nerv's and my heart is having random burst's of pulpitation's!!! Gah I love everyone ha ha *does a crazy dance around house and smashes my leg on the coffee table OUCH!!
  12. Now I just hope my future hubby doesn't want a premature devorce when he finds out that i have bought two pairs in a week :s ( it will be kinda worth It though) ha ha just kidding ;)
  13. congratulations!!! \(^(oo)^)/

    based on the additional info, i definitely think you'll be fine with the rolandos . . . i think we're opposites when it comes to shoe comfort, platforms make piggies unstable, i *love* the single sole! tehe . . . .
  14. Congratulatins on the nude!! They are a must have and the advice that you have gotten so far is a great start! Congrats on starting all over again!!
  15. Thanks guys I'm heaps excited Now I have two of the four pic's for the start of my collection on their way :smile: yipee! But still no declic's anywhere :sad: