Starting a new week.....

  1. ......anyone waiting for anything that should either arrive by mail or the jolly FedEx man????

    .....anyone going to pick up a little something at your local H boutique?

  2. humm,.... I might. But I dinno what it is yet! :shrugs:
  3. I have the chance to buy a birkin 40 black ardennes or gold clemence - but I can't come to a decision... The whole night I was thinking about the using of the Birkin 40 (I only have a 35 and a HAC 28)... (sure, there are bigger "problems" in the world...)...Maybe you can help me to decide?:girlsigh:
  4. I just bought the Japanese Hermes catalog from eBay for $60.00. That's so expensive cause I bought one a few years ago and I think it was about $20.00!
  5. I'll buy a Vision agenda this week in Etoupe/Rose shocking chevre - IF SOMEONE CAN FIND IT FOR ME!!!

  6. well if i can find a wallet.. i will. grrr, i'm flipping between this and TFS AND searching eBay at the same time. lordy...

    good news is that so far i've narrowed it down to the bearn compact however does anyone know if H makes a coin purse?
  7. me: A BJ Clemence Kelly 32.. that I am undecided becos of the leather - I wanted a Togo :crybaby: after going thro pages of members' items, I am still torn ... I have tonight to think about it and tomorrow will be THE DAY for final decision.

    Heck, this decision is harder than answering my DH's wedding proposal! :roflmfao:

    But I just received my cherve Rasin Clarisse (not the PM) yesterday.
    Corn Purse.JPG
  9. ^ awww... that's entirely too adorable!
  10. Oh I saw that combo but in anothe agenda, shorter one (sorry I don't know what name) at my local H store (singapore). It's beautiful!
  11. From what I recall, I think she needs knee pads with those??
  12. PF...shhhhhhhh...I wasn't going to tell her about the knee-pads, yet.......
  13. :ninja: *false whisper* okie dokie :devil:
  14. I saw that color combo the other day...but not sure if it was the right size...what size is the "Vision"?
  15. ummmm well a plisse scarf in a green colorway (unsure of the pattern) and a 24 Faubourg twilly in blue; a book for a penny from Amazon about bags (forget the name) and a J Crew white wool short coat from eBay;