Starting a new Charm Bracelet

  1. I had a chance to read an article about two years ago
    in Instyle about Charm bracelets:tup: and now I am ready
    to start one. I need suggestions on how to start, should I purchase a silver or gold braclet? What compaines have great choices, what companies have great

    I would love any info!:yes:
  2. looking on e-bay I see a few vintage bracelts
    that are gold plated can anyone tell me the difference?
  3. I have Juicy Couture charm bracelets (see my collection) and loads of charms. They're widely available and relatively low cost to start a set. I have lots of charms to go with different outfits and to put on different purses. As for silver or gold, that will depend on what you feel comfortable with. I have 2 in gold plate, which is fine for now, but one day I'll replace them with 14 or 18 k gold. Charms are priced between $30 to $60 and the bracelet is $35.
  4. Years ago I started a silver charm bracelet. I bought charms from places I traveled to. It was more of a keep sake than a piece of jewelry. When I look at it I am able to remember a lot of the fun adventures that I had.
  5. I started my charm bracelet when I was about 10 years old, and while I don't wear it as a piece of jewelery, it's a great keepsake. I prefer silver tones (sterling and white gold) so I went with a silver bracelet. Is there one color metal you prefer? I suggest starting there.
  6. I have the Juicy charm bracelet. It tarnishes all fast. wouldnt reccomend it. the necklace looks good, but the bracelelt gets ruined from bumping into stuff. This hasn't just happened with mine either.
  7. this is what i've known a lot of people to do. they started a charm bracelet as a momento from traveling and it just always brings back so many memories when they wear it. it's almost as if you see them recreate their experience!! coolness. keep it up:tup:
  8. I really want a charm bracelet. I love Links of London ones. I prefer silver or white gold.
  9. I started a Links of London silver one last month and I love it. I haven't got loads of charms yet, but I'm hoping to add to it as I go along. They have such a great selection.

    This is their website

    Thomas Sabo also does cute charm bracelets -
  10. I saw this one the other day and it's so cute - a little cable car!


    The purse is cute too with a little diamond.

    Both Links of London.

    I tried to take a photo of mine for you but the macro on my camera is a bit rubbish. It might give you some idea of how theirs look though.
  11. I'm a fan of the Pandora bracelets. They're not really a traditional charm bracelet but are so beautiful!

    I also like the Links of London ones.
  12. I really love Links of London - they make really nice bracelets and charms.

    I have one whose base is a Tiffany's heart charm bracelet. I've collected lots of charms over the years and have been building it.

    Charm bracelets are a lot of fun and they turn into really sentimental pieces.
  13. I really think you have to decide if you want an "investment" bracelet or something to satisfy you for the shorter term. You also need to decide yellow gold, white, or sterling...there are so many options and price ppoints.
  14. I think Juicy Couture has a great line of charm bracelets, with so many charms you can choose from. Tiffany & Co. is expanding their charm collection, where you can also pick your bracelet and add whatever charm you'd like. The price point for these are a little bit higher, I think each charm is around $125.
    Good luck!