1. soo umm i really wanna start one what would be a really good 1st bag,my budget is 1380
  2. what do you like?
    hand bags or shoulder?
    totes or flaps?

    Personally, I'd recommend a Petit Shopping Tote in caviar.
  3. ^^ i also recommend a petit shopping :graucho:
  4. shoulderr and it doesnt matter if itss a totee..uhmm like whtt is apetite shopper(pic mayb?)
  5. The Petit Shopping Tote is a shoulder bag, there are lots of photos. Do a search for it, missbabydolce has posted some pics of hers.
  6. welli really want a chanel but my budget is 1400
  7. Do a search for the Petit Shoipping Tote, great bag for the $$.
  8. hmm what search engine shall i use??

    i cant find it and uhmm mayb post a pic?
  9. This forum has a search function. There are many pics in the reference library for your perusal.
  10. I like the medium cambon tote, last I checked it was about $1275 :smile: The only reason I wouldn't get it is because the strap drop isn't as big as I'm used to. Either that or the petit tote are good!
  11. thankss guys =]
  12. h/o i took a pic of my petit shopping today, i need to find the usb cord first
  13. here ya go with my moms super cool phone...

    p.s. the lines are from the reflections