Starting a book club?

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  1. Hi ya'll,

    I thought it would be fun if I could start up a book club on tPF. It would be open for everyone to join, and books would be chosen that would be readily available to everybody (via Amazon - us and international).

    My ideas were:
    • One book a month
    • Chapter discussions every week or having chapters a-b, c-d, etc sectioned off and people could give in their thoughts :smile: ? Yes, no? :smile:
    I love to read, and I thought it would be fun ;D I also run my community's book club :smile:
  2. I think its a great idea. I just finished reading "Kings of the Catwalk" the
    Louis Vuitton and Moet-Hennessy Affair... lots of juicy stuff!!:yes:
  3. how about one book for 2 months? LOL. I'm a fast reader but have very little time nowadays to read. =(
  4. Oh yes, sounds like fun! I love to read!
  5. Owww maybe that + a book sub-forum!!! I would love that!!
  6. Great idea! Definitely interested.
  7. I am totally all for a book club.Reading is my next love to shopping
  8. I'm in as well! I have a lot of time to read on the train!:party:
  9. I'm in! I love to read! :yahoo:
  10. great idea!!!
    i love books!!!
  11. I love the idea of a book club! I enjoy reading and I have found that I have the same taste in books as many others here.
  12. I am all for this, I love reading. :heart:
  13. Great idea! I'm in.
  14. I willk run it by Vlad :yes:
  15. :yahoo: YAY! Megs you are the bestest.
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