Starting a Bag Collection - Help Please!

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I'd like to start a functional and classic bag collection to last me through the upcoming financial drought of medical school. Here are the criteria I set for myself:

    1. I won't pay retail. I had a very unpleasant experience with a brand new Celine Trapeze I bought through Bergdorf's. The turn lock broke within six months and NOBODY took responsibility for it. The customer service rep said that I'd need to pay the price difference if I wanted to replace the bag (there was a price increase in the interim). I managed to pseudo-fix the bag myself, but I vowed to never shop at Bergdorf's again and to never pay retail for a frivolous luxury. I also swore off Celine altogether. I still love my Trapeze, but I'll be damned if I get swindles like this again.

    2. I prefer high end brands, though I also like the coach legacy collection (I also love that Coach stands behind its products for the lifetime of the product).

    3. Each bag must serve a unique purpose and a completely unique look. I'd like to maximize the efficiency of all my bags, so I don't want duplicates. For example, if I'm going to have a YSL muse for toting around notebooks and textbooks, I'm not also going to get the Mulberry Bayswater for the same purpose.

    3a. I need:
    Medium sized every day bag, preferably lightweight
    Large tote to carry notebooks/textbooks (I think I might go with the YSL muse for that?)
    Small crossbody or clutch for the theater
    A black bag
    A spring/summer bag
    A couple of special bags (I already have the YSL Muse Two in Prince of Wales tweed. It's insanely gorgeous!)
    A tote bag

    4. I don't like Chanel or LV. Everyone's got one, and I'd rather people notice the design of my bags rather than the brand name.

    5. That said, absolutely no visible logos.

    I greatly appreciate all your expertise and the time you'll take to make these recommendations. I will absolutely look into each and every one you make! Thank you!
  2. I think Lancel might be right up your alley; it's sophisticated, functional and discrete but at the same time the designs make no apologies for themselves. I love the Flirt, it'd make a great summer bag since it comes is such a wide variety of pretty brights and pastels.

    Another brand worth looking into is Loewe. They make high quality bags that will take you from business to pleasure with style.
  3. Thank you for this! I've never heard of Lancel, but I like what I saw so far. A black flirt bag is great for casual wear. Can this bag take abuse or is it delicate?

    I really like Loewe too; I was just looking at a small cross body from them. Thanks for all the info!
  4. Not sure what you are looking to spend, but I think between an Hermes Garden Party and a Balenciaga City bag all of your list items would be fulfilled, depending on what colors or fabrics you chose (GP comes in bright canvas colors as well as leather) except maybe the small crossbody/clutch checkbox. You can't beat either re cost per wear and cross functionality, and both are pretty discreet, esp the newer Bals without tassels :yes:
  5. I'm willing to spend the money on a quality bag with low cost per wear. The garden party has been in the back of my mind for ages now, though I'm not quite ready to buy it. The Balenciaga isn't my style, unfortunately.
  6. From what I've heard and also, what I've seen (and felt) (and smelt)(or COURSE I don't go to the department store and feel up the bags there :P ), the Lancel leather is gorgeous and very durable. Lancel isn't new to the game and they have a steady following of pleased customers, yet they have stayed a bit under the radar - I think that's the way they prefer it. It's a house with traditions and pride and their items are very much worth the money.