Starter Wife - Last episode of MiniSeries this Thurs

  1. I thought Starter Wife was a new TV romantic comedy show.

    If I missed an episode I thought "no problem, I'll jsut catch the rerun."

    But StarterWife is a mini series of around 6 episodes. No wonder they hyped it so intensely last month!

    I love Starter Wife. I grew up in SoCalif. I worked as a performer for a brief time in Hollywood. I totally get all the LA jokes on the show.

    I identify with Mollie. I have fallen in major love with Lou (Joe Montegna).

    I am SO GLAD I caught all the episodes.

    Can't wait for Thurs' climax!
  2. I thought this show would tide me over until Deperate Houswives came back. Disappointing to find out it was only a mini series. What a tease! I love the show!!!! Oh well, now I need another show on Thursday nights.