Starter Speedy...?


All time Classic or Brand new Refreshing?

  1. Monogram Canvas Speedy 25

  2. Damier Azur Speedy 25

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  1. I'm about to purchase my very first LV...!!! :yahoo:

    i get to carry the BV and the MC speedy when i go home but they're my mom's so they don't count :push:.

    ANYWAYS... i've decided (i think) on the speedy 25..!!! and since i'm a college student, i don't get many opportunities like this! i've had to save up quite awhile...! so i definitely won't be getting another bag for quite awhile...:sweatdrop: i only have 2 other designer bags which is the Coach swingpack, and the Balenciaga day bag in blueberry!

    i'm 21, 5.4ft and athletically built. would the Monogram or the Damier Azur suit me betteR?? and i'm thinking of getting it in the 25... it would pretty much be my weekend bag. i usually wear clothes in neutral colours, a lot of blacks and navy and white... not into too much details and don't wear patterns!

    so what's it gonna be, ladies...?? :graucho:
  2. I vote azur...
    perfect for summer and you won't feel akward when you see 10 other ladys carrying the mono version at the mall...
  3. mono!
  4. Monogram gets my vote
  5. Azur!!!! Far more unique and such a nice bag!

    good luck with whatever you decide. :smile:
  6. I choose Mono! It's a classic!
  7. Azur!!! Im dying for it!!
  8. i vote mono!
  9. i pick mono, that is a great 1st bag, you can get azur as your next bag!!
  10. for a lv newbie, monogram!
  11. definitely monogram..more classic and very versatile.
  12. monogram........

    i'm a sucker for the classics......
  13. Do you want to be the same??? or different???? :smile:
  14. ITA! :yes:
  15. For a first LV bag, I would go for the classic mono!! Then later on add on the azur!