Starter purse?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm pretty new to this section.. I love Hermes...:heart::heart: I think it's so beautiful, the lines, the colors...after looking at the pics you all have on here.. I really like the garden party and also evelyne as a "starter " bag...Can any of you tell me how long the strap is on the evelyne?
    Thanks a bunch
  2. No one can help me? I always feel like a threadkiller on here...I think I may have internet cooties!!:push:
  3. There are a LOT of Evelyne lovers on tpf as well as those who admire the GP.

    As for the Evelyne strap, from what I've seen of pics and what I've read from the owners, the strap is plenty long to hang from the shoulder and it hits about hip level. Convenient to access the bag.

    The regular Evelyne strap, however, is not long enough to wear across the body but, some people have placed special orders and have bought longer straps for this purpose.

    The GP comes in different sizes, as you know, Canvas, canvas/leather and all leather.

    Choices, choices!! There are so many with Hermes, but, that's part of the fun!!
  4. Thanks, shopping.. and isus...I thought that I would want an all leather GP..but I'm kind of leaning towards the canvas/leather one now...
    I like to be able to wear my bag across the you know how much the longer strap is?
  5. clinkenwar, I don't know the length of the across the chest's a special order from Hermes and I'm thinking, that you might want to contact a store and inquire?

    If possible, could you visit a boutique and try on the Evelyne? While there, you can ask about the longer strap.

    I wish I could give you more details and info......I've tried the Evelyne in the PM but did not ask about the strap length at the time.

    As for the canvas/leather Garden Party, they are great looking bags!
  6. There is no store within a 1000 miles of me..okay well there may be..but I would have to fly to get there! :smile:
  7. Chickenwar,

    My Evelyne's strap is 37 inches in length or 94 cm in length. This is the strap that came with the bag. I can wear it across my body as a messenger bag, but I am petite. If you have a larger chest, you might need a longer strap.
  8. Thanks for the measurement!!
  9. I am 5'7 140 and I can wear the Evelyne PM messenger style. :yes:
  10. Hi, Clinkenwar, Welcome!

    I tried on some Evelynes Monday and I found the straps to be very short. I asked about special ordering a longer one and am waiting to hear back from SA. I think a fellow TPFer special ordered a longer strap from the King of Prussia store.

    We should ask Loren, I think she also got a longer strap, but she might be trekking through the jungles of Nicarauga right about now.
  11. I usually wear my Evelyne messenger style. That's the appeal of the bag for me. It was my first H bag and so far my only one. I really want a Kelly some day but I can't imagine not having the convenience of the Evelyne. I have the PM2 with the additional space on the back and it is so convenient.
  12. Well that's what I would want it for..messenger style..hands free action...!!
  13. There were TONS of GPs for sale at the NYC H sample sale today!