Starter Collection

  1. Here is my small Collection.

    It includes LV, Burberry, Gucci, Balenciaga, Dior, Furla, Russell & Bromley and Ri2K (John Richmond).

    I'm not sure if the last two are only in the UK or not.

    LV used to be my favourite but I think my obsession has moved onto Balenciaga - I just love the way they look and feel. I only have 1 right now but I'm really after a Blueberry, Cornflower or Natural Twiggy and a Caramel City.
    bags1.jpg bags2.jpg bags3.jpg bags4.jpg bags5.jpg
  2. Great collection- love the burberry and gucci!
  3. bbags are quite an addiction i am finding out, i love yours.
  4. Nice! love the Gucci tote.
  5. Love the Gaucho and calfhair bag!
  6. Thanks the calfhair is actually one of my favourites and its only Russell & Bromley!

    My husband thinks I have too many bags but I don't think so judging by some of your collections - I think I have more to buy and I'm going to start with some more BBags!
  7. I love that coral coloured bag!!
  8. The Coral one (the colour is called Watermelon - not sure of the style name) is by Ri2K (John Richmond) - I don't know if he is available in USA.

    Its not a really expensive brand - you can get them online and eBay although I think this style is last years.

    They are good though - really nice leather and suprisingly spacious too.
  9. Here is a closer photo.
  10. hey vickylout, where do you live? i'm in north devon, i'm also a harrassed mum of 2 with a bbag fascination
  11. Hi, I'm along on the South Coast from you near Brighton.

    You say Sunny Devon - is it Sunny today because its not here in Brighton.
  12. I have realised that when I tried to reduce the file size of the photos I cut off my other two LV bags so heres the proper photo.
  13. no, the weather is naff here today
  14. I envy all our other PF ladies in the States - I bet their weather is so much nicer than ours.

    Have you seen the What are you wearing today thread in the Wardrobe forum - all their clothes are fantastic and its nice to see their photos taken in the lovely sun!!

    Oh well - Summer will be here soon, hopefully from Saturday as we are supposed to be having a BBQ!!! That's probably why the rain has started its all my fault sorry!
  15. yeah, as soon as we started to talk about buying a new bbq the weather changed, so don't blame yourself.
    to be fair, i think the u.s gets its share of rain in places, seattle is quite wet i believe