Starter Coach?

  1. i am new to designer purses and i wanted to kno wut a good starter coach purse is. i am looking at something small or medium and not too expensive.
  2. wristlets are a good start
  3. ^^^^ITA! Wristlets are great because they are relatively inexpensive (ranging generally from $48 - $128), but hold enough essentials to pass as a "mini bag". Lots of styles to choose from and some are downright roomy!

    Skinnies, which are usually in the $30-$40 range, are also a nice start and much more functional than you might think when first looking at them . . .
  4. Swing packs are relatively inexpensive, too, if you want something bigger than a wristlet.
  5. go with a swingpack or a demi!
  6. A soho hobo is the best starter bag. Not too expensive and roomy.
  7. I'd go with one of the larger wristlets. They hold a little more. And since you saved so much by not getting a full bag, get a mini skinny that fits inside your new wristlet!

    I NEVER thought I'd use my wristlets as much as I do! How did I go to shows and bars before? It's SO much easier with a wristlet than a full bag.
  8. I agree with the wristlet. I find myself using them more often than my regular bags.
  9. I started with a soho hobo, and I love it! I still use it all the time.
  10. yeah me too, wristlets are the best!!!!!
  11. I also agree about the wristlet...and maybe a monogram pochette mini shoulder bag. Those are affordable and cute.
  12. I would suggest a Signature Demi--$138 I think. :smile:
  13. Get a demi! I LOVE the coach demi and at $138 (and in several colors) you can't go wrong. It works as a hand bag or shoulder bag and fits slightly more than just the 'bare essentials.'

    Check it out here.
  14. Hmmm, I disagree. If you want small TO MEDIUM, I would get something more substantial. Personally, my vote is for a signature Medium Carryall. Great all-around "this is my only Coach" Coach.

    Or something in a patchwork might be suitable for your first/only Coach.

    I still consider these inexpensive. I would vote for a Legacy Shoulder Bag, but Legacy is expensive.
  15. What is your budget? The outlets always have Coach bags for a good price. But I do like the look of the new Carly bag but it is more expensive.