"Starter Bag" ?

  1. I am making my transition from loving LV to loving Chanel.

    My long background -- I have a few LV items (an Alma and St. Jacques in epi, a wallet in vernis, and a passport holder, pochette, key/change holder, and 1 piece of luggage in mono canvas). I am getting a few more items in April (Speedy 30 in damier canvas, a bigger wallet in damier canvas, two pochettes in epi and damier azur, and a Neo Cabby in black denim). All that to say once I make my additional purchases I think I will have a good assortment of knock-around bags, everyday bags, night-on-the-town bags, and luggage. Therefore I won't "need" anything.

    I feel like I'm growing up and am looking to upgrade a bit, and after careful "research" Chanel is my upgrade of choice. What is a good starter bag? I am a lawyer and 29. I want it to be stylish, classic, but also be functional (i.e., I need to be able to throw a newspaper and heels in there if I need to.) I am looking to make my first purchase by my birthday (if DH will let me --lol) in October.

    I defer to the Chanel experts ....
  2. I was going to say a flap since you're looking for a classic bag and your other bags sounded smaller, but if you want to be able to throw alot in it, I'd go for the GST in caviar leather. It holds a ton, is a classic piece, and the caviar leather will last ages. Welcome to the dark side :smile:
  3. echo_23, thanks for the welcome and the suggestion. Yeah, I think it's time for me to have "big-girl" bags. I can't wait to see what other people suggest. I have convinced DH to let me spend $3K a year on bags. (After much protest b/c he think's it's utterly superficial and useless). That doesn't go far in Chanel world. But I can hopefully accumulate a palrtry one bag per year.
  4. Can I suggest a jumbo flap since your wallets look quite big and you can also use it for work;)

    I can imagine the jumbo on a suit, looks fantastic!:yahoo:
  5. for the kind of use you describe, I'd choose a tote - check out ther Reference Library and look for the GST, PST or Cerf.

  6. If you want to use it for work, I'd pick the GST. The Sharpei Tote is also gorgeous but I feel like it is more trendy than professional. What about an expandable flap? I am not sure if they are still in production. Maybe someone here knows. Good luck with your search!
  7. Really? Are expandable flaps hard to find these days? Just wondering, because I saw two (black & brown) at a boutique the other day.
  8. I'm also a LV convert and need a useable bag like you.

    I am going with the Grand Shopping Tote (GST) in black with silver hardware.

    It runs $2125 brand new.

    Good Luck!
  9. Jazz, why are you becoming a convert? And why Chanel and not something else?

    Everyone else, thanks for the welcome and suggestions!! This is great. I will look in the reference library to get visual aids of all these diff bags. $2125 for the GST is not bad at all and falls within my budget. Anybody know how much the jumbo flap and largest modern chain (?) costs? I was looking at those two as well.

    Thanks again!! :tup:
  10. cerf tote
  11. I would go with the Cerf tote. It's understated and classy for a law career. I worry about the GST because the new leather doesn't seem like it would hold up to more weight due to the softer caviar.
  12. Since you are a lawyer, I think the Cerf tote would be a great bag for your profession...very classy and professional. Otherwise, my other choice would be a GST!

    I think the jumbo is around $2500-$2600 but I'm not sure since I live in Canada. I know it's $2575 CAD in Canada though.
  13. haha ive converted from lv to chanel too. chanel is my new favourite.

    i say go for a jumbo flap. u can seriously fit everything in there when ure at wrk...or if ure out w the girls for a few drinks. definitely versatile.

    it was my starter bag!
  14. the jumbo was 2650 at southcoast in OC. i purchased it last month.
  15. i would suggest the cerf tote as well - 1995 & that leaves you a grand to get a wallet and/or whatever cute accessory you would like!!

    a tote bag i got that i absolutely loove was from cruise - the LAX tote. it's a great size - wider than the cerf and the GST, absolutely gorgeous. it's 3195 and says "CHANEL" on the one side at the top ( i was between this and the cerf and decided on the LAX bc of the size) ... it may be worth taking a look at.. although its not a "classic" it's still gorgeous and practical IMO